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Demon Banishing (non-possessing demon)

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OH,, ohh... Demon traps and Goofer dust. I guess my professionalism is needed here.

So i got this grimoire i wrote years ago and keep it in hiding since if i open it.. weird strange things start to happen... like doors shutting at high speed and stuff 0_0 ..
i designed a lot of Traps using "the real magick stuff"... i should post them for review.

I am not stating that they work or anything in that matter since i have never tested them and probably never will cause i dont really believe in that stuff anymore.

and goofer dust is made out of graveyard dirt of someone who liked/loved you (a family member), patchouli and something else i cant recall, and also pepper i think. And salt... yeah definitely salt. 

sorry for my seemingly immature expressionistic view of expressing myself like this. cheers

P.S. - dragon blood... the herb not the real thing.. search it ;)


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