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Demon Banishing (non-possessing demon)

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i wonder if catholic churches give holy water away to those in need of it.

There are ways on trapping a demon inside a pentacle. It's just you don't know how strong it is until it possesses someone/something. Which I'd advise you to draw the strongest pentacle you know. That way you can trap it then excorsize it. Family was big in hunting.

im going to create some goofer dust also. which is used to either keep evil out of its circle, or trap something in it's circle. i know how to make it, im just not a hoodoo practicer


--- Quote from: D.Dog on January 09, 2013, 01:09:46 PM ---There are ways on trapping a demon inside a pentacle. It's just you don't know how strong it is until it possesses someone/something. Which I'd advise you to draw the strongest pentacle you know. That way you can trap it then excorsize it. Family was big in hunting.

--- End quote ---

a pentacle?

" The pentagram or pentacle belongs to the group of some 20 basic gestalts in Western ideography. Despite the fact that  consists of five straight lines it is still a single entity, a holistic design. It is quite unlikely that this design was discovered by chance. (For a discussion of this, see "The mystical pentagram" in the Appendices.) Here are other gestalts with which to compare it: , , , , , , , , .
    The pentagram was probably discovered as a result of astronomical research in the Euphrates-Tigris region about 6,000 years ago. For a derivation of this structure, see  in Group 29.
    Isolated pentagrams have been found on broken fragments of burned clay in Palestine, in layers dating from around 4000 B.C. It was a common sign among the Sumerians around 2700 B.C. Some of those who have conducted research of symbols believe  was used by the Sumerians as a cosmic symbol representing the four corners of the earth and the vault of the heavens. This, however, seems a bit far-fetched. The sign  would have been better suited for this particular purpose. After the Sumerian time there is no clear evidence as to what the pentagram might have meant until the sign appears in Pythagorean mysticism. There it is said to have symbolized the human being. The points of  represent the head, arms, and legs of the body. Yet this interpretation seems to underestimate the intelligence and knowledge of the Pythagoreans. They did, however, use the sign extensively and are believed to have used it when signing their letters to each other around 400 B.C.
    What we do know with all certainty is that  was the main ideogram in the logotype or official seal of the city of Jerusalem during the period 300-150 B.C.
    The pentagram has been called the seal of Solomon or Solomon's shield in medieval Jewish mysticism. "*


You'll need more than just a symbol, there's things like; energy, will, belief etc...

And your insistence that goofer dust be used will more than likely hinder you...unless you want to curse it, getting it to walk over it might be tricky.

"Goofer Dust
Goofer Dust is the name of powder used to curse one's enemies in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Occasionally the term goofer dust is used as a synonym for graveyard dirt but usually graveyard dirt is but one ingredient in a recipe for goofer dust. The name 'goofer' stems from the Kikong word 'Kufwa', meaning "to die" while other people have translated it as "to kill". In effect, Goofer Dust is "magical killing powder". It is perhaps the strongest black magic powder found in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork. "*


and using spirits to fight spirits, unless you actually know what you're doing is generally a bad mix. "The religion of Vodoun as currently practiced bears little resemblance to its ancestral practice. Presently there are an estimated 50 million worshippers worldwide. The central belief of the religion is in spirit possession, through which the gods speak to the devotees only for a short time during the ceremonies"

besides, some of their deities are pretty darn scary....

You're falling into the same trap that so many esoteric practitioners do today, go into a "Battle" with conflicting symbols, incomplete beliefs and think you can master a world that's existed since man first came out of the caves. Hoodoo/voodoo and other such magical practices are so in depth that tossing it into the mix can only cause more chaos to a world that, no one's even clarified exactly what you're wanting to trap. Even the term demon is used so vaguely and variously that it's hard to narrow down exactly what people are poking with a stick.

The best way to keep them out of your life, is to not invite them, encourage them or challenge them.

but by all means if you think some lines on a piece of paper and grave dust mixed with crushed creatures of poison will work out for you, go for it. However, I'd suggest you figure out your spiritualism before you try to take on a spiritual world. If you knew what you're spiritualism is, you'd know exactly where to go to resolve your spiritual issues. So if your goofer dust is a protection, then it's only so because you BELIEVE it's a protection, but it's history is more apt to attract what you say you want to banish rather than repel it.

Back to ceremonial magick, which sadly seems to be missing from the lives of so many wannabe demon masters...

"Finally, as you read your way through the multitude of occult how-to books available, you'll find lots of different Banishing ritual formats. Remember, there's no one right way to do it, just the way that works for you."

know yourself and nothing else will....

Haha, yeah! Try Holy Water, death breath!! XD


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