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So December 2012 is almost here...

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...anyone feel anything different, isn't it also entering the house of aquarius? ;)

The world certainly is changing, rapidly... exponentially... Though there is virtually no chance at all of the world ending, undoubtedly we who have seen this time will be able to look back and see that the world was fundamentally changed. In particular: science and technology are expanding at a colossal rate. I think it shan't be long before it reaches its inevitable event horizon.
As for the suggested apocalypse or any of the other silly claims made about 2012; well, all I can say is that I have lived through far too many claimed "apocalypses" to think much of such fanciful claims. 2012 will be no different than when the followers of Mother Shipton attempted to convince me that the world was coming to an end in 1881, or when the Old Believers in Russia burned themselves en masse for fear of the apocalypse in 1689. I have witnessed far too many failed apocalyptic predictions in my time to hold any stock in them; I grow weary of such silly things. The mortal brain is so easily deceived, mistaken, and stubborn...

You have a good point, i hid in a basement playing cards with one of my best friends waiting for the chaos of Y2K, maybe that's why I'm not so concerned with Mayan prophecy from so long ago, derived from a language we in reality know so little about.

It'd be kick hiney scary if something serious does happen, that'd be a one sucky "Damn, I was wrong about something!" 


Just a little under twenty days until doomsday, anyone stocking up supplies, working up a survival plan and quivering in their boots yet?

I'm planning a yule party...it's more traditional in my idea than Christmas, which is in reality a derivative of a roman holiday!!!! Human's have celebrated the winter solstice, since we've been human and they had nothing else to do but, enjoy the darkness.  ;)


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