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"The Soul Travelers" 2


I'm new to this site, so when I saw that there was a discussion about this before,  but since it's been a while ago, I thought opening a new topic would be a good idea.

I couldn't actually watched the documentary so I'm just talking about the topic I've seen.

I had some experiences about these people who travels on an astral level willingly. They can collect a lot of information about, well anything or anyone, which makes them powerful.

I also had astral projection experiences (or so I thought. Maybe they were just dreams which makes more sense) and in more than one of those experiences I came upon some entities. One of them followed me back to my physical body. It was scary. is a blog about them. About what they are capable of.

I wonder if anyone else had any experiences with them? If so, can you share it with me? The more information we have, the better.


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