Author Topic: UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES  (Read 6562 times)

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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #15 on: September 28, 2005, 01:54:26 pm »
That is the most logical explanation. One of my friends had her log-in deleted as well.
We may not know it, but the memory of Ireland dwells within each one of us giving us the will to go on. It is her spirit that sets us free.


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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #16 on: September 29, 2005, 12:07:25 am »
Hmm Intel should come back for repleys? huh
Like in the days of Noah....It shall come to pass, on a Fiery-day...


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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #17 on: September 29, 2005, 01:31:11 am »
I got this via PM

Quote from: Intelligences

Perhaps it's the other way around...

How can You ever hope to live up to your handle

unless You allow yourself to become your handle  

The Shadow Old-time Mystery Radio Show:

All about The Shadow old-time mystery radio show

One of the most popular radio shows in history
debuted in August 1930
when "The Shadow" went on the air.

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

The Shadow knows!"

The opening lines of the "Detective Story" program
captivated listeners and are instantly recognizable even today.
Originally the narrator of the series of macabre tales,
the eerie voice known as The Shadow became so popular to listeners
that "Detective Story" was soon renamed "The Shadow,"
and the narrator became the star of the old-time mystery radio series,
which ran until 1954.

A figure never seen, only heard,
the Shadow was an invincible crime fighter.
He possessed many gifts which enabled him to overcome any enemy.
Besides his tremendous strength, he could defy gravity,
speak any language, unravel any code, and become invisible
with his famous ability to "cloud men's minds."

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CIA KGB Still Alive and Not So Well...
« Reply #18 on: October 07, 2005, 03:01:30 am »
Quote from: maggot man
The KGB dosen't exist anymore,bub.
It vanished a long time ago,
along with the rest of the Soviet Union.  :roll:

Alright Magg...alright...

Then how come Vladimir Putin,
the current figure-head of the Russian government
was actively in the Russian CIA KGB
from 1975 to 1990 (15 years) and then
continued on in the Russian CIA FSB

(Federal Security Bureau)

starting in 1998.

Read about the Career of Russian President Putin

Sounds like another George Bush to me :!:

God Save the People of the US, UK and USSR from

the Big Money Humans


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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #19 on: October 07, 2005, 03:03:23 am »
Fine then don't save us Aussie's.

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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #20 on: October 07, 2005, 03:10:13 am »
Quote from: Shadow
Fine then don't save us Aussie's.

Aussies :?:

You mean us :?:

... us "Aborigines" ... :?:


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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #21 on: October 07, 2005, 02:23:16 pm »
Yes, I haven't heard that you have been banned ... your login probably disappeared when the forum was hacked as said before and we are more than happy to hear about your brilliant theories --- in the Aliens Forum
The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.” - Charles Baudelaire (French and monstrous poet).


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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #22 on: October 07, 2005, 06:11:29 pm »
Quote from: Intelligence
Quote from: Shadow
Fine then don't save us Aussie's.

Aussies :?:

You mean us :?:

... us "Aborigines" ... :?:

No I mean people who are born in Australia.

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Re : Russian rapacious robber-barons
« Reply #23 on: October 07, 2005, 11:09:35 pm »
Quote from: maggot man
Putin? He's hardly a threat.
Granted that he's a belligerent bully like Bush,
but with true power in the hands of

Russia's rapacious robber-barons,

Putin is capable only of empty posturing.
I wouldn't loose too much of sleep over him,if I were you.

Hi Magg,

What about the

Russian rapacious robber-barons

ruling over the US and UK ?

Are They to be discounted too ?


Once upon a time there was a People of Central Asian genetic
and cultural descent who had NO RELIGION.

They were called KHAZARS.

After several centuries of interaction with both Moslem Jew
and Christian Jew cultures, Khazars decided to have their own
religion.  By careful study and strategy Khazars decided to
adapt to a version of Judaism that was

Advantageously Different

to the other versions of Judaism they had the most contact with
(Christian Judaism and Moslem Judaism):

Khazars decided to become Orthodox Jews as a way of being SEPARATE
yet SIMILAR and RESPECTED by the Moslem Jews and Christian Jews.

So Khazars brought forth educators and representatives of
Orthodox Judaism into their society and fully acquainted
and instructed themselves in the various aspects of
Orthodox Judaism to include language and law.

Koestler and Khazars:

A famous historian, Arthur Koestler, himself of Khazar descent,
wrote a book about Khazars that accurately traced
the Khazars back to their traditional, ancestral and spiritual
homelands in SouthWest Central Asia.

The name of this book was "The Thirteenth Tribe".

However a few years later, both Koestler and his wife were
found dead in their London apartment, supposedly of suicide.

John Beaty and the Khazars:

Another famous analyst was John Beaty who wrote an EXTREMELY
controversial ("Extreme Right-Wing Extremist") book titled
"The Iron Curtain Over America" in which he detailed the
EXTREME influence that Khazars have over the US Government.

Because anyone who exposes something so hidden would probably
be immediatedly labeled "Extreme Right-Wing Extremist", there
are portions of this book that are also worthy of evaluation
if one can avoid the fanatic "Right-Wing Extremist" material

I would like to point out that Khazars are EXTREMELY prominent
in what is supposedly "popular" and "acceptable" by the media,
entertainment, science and other sectors of "Modern American Society".

For example: Bob Dylan, Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, many
other Goldywood 'er "Hollywood" directors/controllers, Carl Sagan,
Leonard Bernstein, Alan Greenspan, etc, etc, are of KHAZAR descent!

And then there are the other Hebrewic or neo-Hebrewic Mind Kontrol
specialists such as "Herr Henry Kissinger", Master Spy and
Foreign Policy Advisor of US Government and possibly the
British Government, perhaps one of the most shrewd and influential
Mind Kontrollers.

Both Khazars and Hebrews play a BIG PART in controlling the thoughts
and activities of ANYONE in high places in Washington or HYMANTOWN.


In NO WAY do I imply that the Majority of Khazars or Hebrews should
be blamed for the misdeeds of the EXTREMELY influential yet deviate
Neo-Nazi Communis Khazars and Hebrews.

It would not be right to blame the Majority of a Group of People
for the EXTREME misdeeds of a small minority of their Rulers!

For example:

IT WOULD NOT BE RIGHT to blame the Majority of Baptists


the MASS MURDER by Communism Fascism of TENS OF MILLIONS of Innocent People

under the Stalinis Marxis Fascis Communis Governments established
in Eastern Europe and Russia by

EXTREMELY WEALTHY Rockefeller Baptists

any more than it would be right to blame

the Majority of Khazars or Hebrews


the EXTREME CRIMES of the Khazar and Hebrewic Kontrollers

in forcing the ghetto youth and other gullible naive innocent
Duped and Stuped People of North America to go to SE Asia or Iraq
to participate in ILLEGAL EXTREME War Criminal Activities
in these places!

Also, it would NOT BE RIGHT to blame


for the EXTREME DAMAGE that has been done because
of the ILLEGAL War in Iraq
when the KHAZAR and Hebrewic Mind Kontrollers are manipulating
MANY of his activities and perhaps even many of ours...

The Thirteenth Tribe

Koestler Biography

Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty


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Re : Aussies or Zionistic Alien Invaders
« Reply #24 on: October 07, 2005, 11:23:31 pm »
Quote from: Shadow
Quote from: Intelligence
Quote from: Shadow
Fine then don't save us Aussie's.

Aussies :?:

You mean us :?:

... us "Aborigines" ... :?:

No I mean people who are born in Australia.

Invaders born of Invaders of many lands
often justify invasions through bizzare belief systems...

Value systems...


... "Aborigines" ... = Real Australians = Authentic Aussies ...


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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #25 on: October 08, 2005, 01:27:03 am »
I agree with that too but you have abviously never met an Australian aboriginal before have you? I don't mean to be racist but it's hard they are 1 of the un-nicest races of people ever. Some of them are extremly nice and I have met them, I have also travelled north to the aboriginal towns were they sniff petrol on the streets, the police sell them drugs, they gample away any money they earn or spend it on alcohol and drugs and they still hunt their own food. It is actually very sad that white people came and made them like that but that can't be helped now. I have met an aboriginal man that spoke no english at all and remembers the first white people that came to his town, he also remembers them killing his friends and family and enslaving him yet he still says the "White Fella's" are as much Australian now as the aboriginal's and yet you come here and have the nerve to say that I am not an Aussie?

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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #26 on: October 14, 2005, 11:49:34 pm »
Quote from: Shadow
Also you were deleted because the forum was hacked.

Yes, I was able to re-establish an account
with the same ID, etc without problems.

It was probably NOT Monstrous, but a possible
psy-warfare subconcious warfare act by a hacker
that got my account waylaid via disk scrub :!:

I removed any accusation directed at Monstrous
from the post.

maggot man
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UFO Psychic Predicted HURRICANES
« Reply #27 on: October 15, 2005, 01:15:39 am »
Most native cultures are scarred irrevocably by their disastrous encounters  with a belligerent,invading Anglo-Saxon society. The loss of their ancestral land and cherished spiritual practices often drive the broken and despairing survivors to seek what solace they can in self-destructive habits that offer them a temporary respite from the harsh new reality imposed on them. For these unfortunate people,recovery will always be a distant hope. They are simply lost,striving to recapture the world they lost,yet finding themselves dragged against their will into the one they now inhabit.