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What is Armageddon?
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Armageddon is the Greek form of the Hebrew words  הר מגדּו (har Meggido), meaning "hill of Megiddo". Meggido was an important fortified town in Palestine in ancient times. Excavations have revealed 20 layers of occupation there, dating from about 4000 BC to 450 BC. It is located about 18 miles south-southeast of Haifa in northern Israel and about 55 miles north of Jerusalem. More than 200 battles have been foughtnear there.

Although Armageddon is mentioned in the Book of Revelation - ("And they gathered them together to the place called in Hebrew Armageddon" (Rev 16:16) - Scripture says nothing about armies actually attacking each other there. It does indicate that armies assemble on the Plain of Meggido, using the large, level area as a staging ground for a great battle. but who is being gathered, who is gathering them, and for what purpose?

Those being gathered appear to be two political and military coalitions - "the kings of the earth and of the whiole world" (verse 14) and "the kings from the east" (verse 12). these leaders aren't necessarily "kings" as we use the word today; the original word means ruler, leader or commander. We might use descriptions like president, prime minister, chancellor or general to refer to such leaders today - although literal kings could also be meant.

At this point in history, many heads of nations will ahve banded together to support the Beast of Revelation 17. In describing this confederation of peoples, nations and rulers as a beast, God is likening this enormously powerful alliance to an animal driven by ungodly instincts and motivations.

Those making up the alliance "are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast" (Rev 17:12-13). The Book of Revelations tells that demonic powers will perform miraculous-seeming signs which will influence these leaders to gather their forces "to the battle of that great day of God Almighty... to the place called Armageddon" (Rev 16:13-16).

Why? Apparently these military powers will invade or occupy the Middle East for a showdown over who will control the world. However, instead of fighting each other they will turn at the return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, to fight Him. These end-time dictators and demagogues covet rulership of the world and they hope to gain it through their immense armies and incredible weapons of mass destruction, weapons powerful enough to cause the end of life on earth.

God knows that, unless He sends Jesus Christ to intervene in human affairs at that critical juncture, "no living thing could survive" (Matthew 24:22).
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Re: What is Armageddon?
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