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« on: January 17, 2007, 06:12:38 pm »
No, not the Michael Jackson song.

Direct TV is going to be carrying Chiller, a horror channel by NBC Universal.

A few years back NBC Universal said they wanted to start their own horror channel.  Since Universal has an extensive back library of films and shows this seemed like a natural.  However, the project got stalled and the Horror Channel, which was supposed to have lanuched over two years ago, decided to only offer films over the internet. 

But just recently NBC Universal announced that in March Chiller will premiere.  Programs which will defintely be carried are Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Tales from the Crypt, Freddie's Nightmares, Friday the 13th the series and Twin Peaks.  Although not announced, Night Gallery was a Universal production so that may be included as well.  The channel will offer films including The Shining, Psycho, The Birds, Sphere, Stephen King miniseries The Langoliers, Blade Runner, Believe, The Crew and The Unholy.  Plus many of the classic Universal Studios monster movies.

This will begin March 1st of this year.

Hopefully many of the long lost horror programs like Dark Shadows and Forever Knight will end up on the channel as well.