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Help would be greatly appreciated
« on: June 29, 2007, 04:20:16 pm »
It’s been a very long time since have posted on this forum, but recently I have found myself in a situation that requires the expertis and knowledge of the good people here.

Around 3 weeks ago, my family and I went on trip overseas to Europe, more specifically Germany and Berlin. My stay there was pleasant, and we visited many museums and historical landmarks, among them a couple of old gothic buildings that my sister has an endless fascination for. We walked around inside them, seen the outside, ect. It was all very interesting, and we even got to look down inside a cellar that was supposedly over 50 years old, with all of the dusty jars of preservatives still on the shelves. After investigating the cellar, my sister and I eventually got into a small quarrel over what was housed in a cretin jar. After a small bit of bickering, I (stupidly) leaned over and blew off the dust coating the jar in order to see its contents more clearly. Unfortunately this did nothing to help; as the murky fluid remained just as… well murky s it had before. After that we proceeded to leave the house, go on to see other sites and return home.

I mention this because recently, I think I have been ‘visited’ by something. I’m not exactly sure as to what it is. The first time I seen it I had gotten up from my bed (it was sometime around noon) to close my curtains, and just before I finished the motion of closing them; a black finger in the field outside my window caught my attention. But when I opened the curtains again, there was nothing out of the ordinary there and I dismissed it as a bird or some such thing.

Later that week, on a Sunday I believe, I woke up early because I had left my drapes open and light was streaming in. I again got up to close my curtains, like before, except this time I looked outside before I shut them. Standing a couple of yards from my house was what appeared to be a bald man, with pale skin, dressed all in black. I had no way of gauging his height  because he was standing in the open with nothing to compare it to, but he appeared to be tall, something like 7 feet, but the blackcoat he was wearing almost Victorianlooking in  style, made it hard to tell his girth. He was just standing there, starring right at me. And although he was far away, I'm fairly certain that his eyes were nearly black. It was like the entire eye was a pupil, I couldn’t see any white. But then again, I only seen him for a couple of second (though it seemed longer) until my nerves go the better of me and I quickly shut my drapes. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well that night.

A week passed and I chocked the entire thing up to me hallucinating, or it all being a dream, until yesterday. It was around 2 and I had woken up, thanks to drinking about 3 cups of water before going to bed. I opened my door and intended on going down the hall to the bathroom to relieve myself, but when I opened the door, across the hallway and in the spare bedroom I swear that I could make the distinct outline of something( it was lit from the back from the moonlight coming through the window, so i couldent see anuthing but the outline) , with a humanoid shape. We just stared (well, I did anyway. I couldn’t tell where its eyes where looking...or if it had eyes) at each other for a while, until it finally took one step towards me, at which point I threw my door shut and leaned against it, desperately trying to fuiger out what happened. The slamming of my door woke up my dog, which proceeded to bark and wake the rest of the house. When my dad angrily came upstairs and asked why was making all the noise, I just said I had fell while getting to the bathroom. The dark figure was no where to be seen.

I am in desperate need of help or explanation in this, as I have NO idea what’s going on. It could be a ghost, a shadow, or something that followed me from Germany or something. Maybe I desterbed somthing when i blew the dust off of the jar, I don't know.  It could be friendly, as it hasn’t done anything that would be categorized as aggressive yet, but maybe it just hasn’t gotten the chance to yet, I don’t know.

Any help or theories anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Help would be greatly appreciated
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2007, 02:39:24 pm »
Did you take anything from ANY of the sites you visited back with you? Have you or are you now involved in what is now commonly misnamed the "black arts"? More detail will be helpful.