Author Topic: The End Is Always Nye  (Read 1719 times)

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The End Is Always Nye
« on: March 13, 2010, 01:06:17 PM »
 First, with the release of the book “The Late Great Planet Earth,” it was 1984, Then 1986. Then we had September 9th, 1999, (9/9/99,) then January 1st, 2000. On May 5th, 2000, we faced the planetary alignment. Those are just the ones that I can pull off the top of my head.
  Now we face  the end of the Mayan Long Count on December 21st, 2012, and there is every prediction of gloom, and doom that will befall us. Odds are it will be a day just like any other, but what are the real chances of something happening? What dangers do we face every day?
  First there is the Cumbre Vieja, a volcanic ridge formed by numerous volcanic cones on the island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands. If it erupts with sufficient force, it could send a huge section of the island into the Atlantic Ocean. The resulting tsunami would engulf the entire east coast, from Nova Scotia, to Brazil with a 100 foot high wave. The south east shore of the big island of Hawaii will do the same thing for the Pacific rim.
  In the 5th century, the volcano Krakatau erupted forcing a 30 year famine on the whole world. The last time the volcanic caldera of Samosir erupted, it almost drove humanity to extinction. Samosir’s magma chamber is refilling, as is Yellow Stone's. Mount Vesuvius has millions of people living around it. If it were to erupt, the casualties would be horrendous.
  On September 1–2, 1859, in what would be called the Carrington Event, The Earth was hit by a massive coronal mass ejection that wiped out telegraph lines across the world. If the same thing happened today, the damage would be astronomical. Prominences have been observed erupting from stars that are similar to the Sun. If the Sun were to emit similar eruptions, they could reach as far as the orbit of Mars. Then there are gamma ray busts that could strip away the Earth's atmosphere. That's all before you conceder comet, and asteroid impacts.
  We dance on the knife edge of existence. We will see disasters in the future, and if history is any indication, we will survive. The lessen to learn here is just to be prepared.
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Re: The End Is Always Nye
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2010, 03:47:16 PM »
The Mayan calendar does not end in 2012... It's like predicting the end of the world on every December 31st... The long count just goes back to 0 on 12/21/12... So to back what you said Ronin, here's what the NASA has to say about 2012, to appease the crazed few who'll stumble upon this post: No catastrophe according to them is planned for 12/21/2012 and seeing as they're the NASA and all... I'll trust them. Volcanoes erupting and all is kinda scary and would kill lots of people, but it won't end the world.
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Re: The End Is Always Nye
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2010, 09:18:41 AM »
Volcanoes do have the capacity to kill many people. Yellowstone National Park sits atop a nice timebomb.

- , shows overlaping caldera's , hence repeated eruptions.
- - shows the movement of the hotspots , indicating a sequance of eruptions. Notice the locations - particlary 11 , 10 and 4-6 show that the eruptions essentially blasted a channel through the mountains surrounding it.

The global effect is to much ash in the atmoshpere can causea volcanic winter , and the ash causes crops to die. If enough ash is ejected intot he atmoshpere the effect is global. - explains what one of these volcanoes can do. - explains why the yellowstone hotspot is such a threat

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Re: The End Is Always Nye
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2010, 04:43:32 PM »
I agree that alot of people will die but not the world, a friend of mine came to me saying that if possible can the frequency of the world be changed by ordinary people like business mens or crazy people, I told him yes but that would be unconsciously then he asked why and I told him it is because of what they persive to be true and then he asked why again then again I told him because of how they think. Although confused he asked what the connection of the frequencies of the world and how they think and persicve, I just told him that "Like water it finds its way".