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Days before the "END" impends
« on: September 25, 2009, 04:51:25 PM »
For those of the 2012 rave party.  :wink:

There are always two shapes differentiating from eachother. One for, one against. The sane, the insane. The hot and the cold. The good- the bad. Man vs. Woman. Up and down-- and finally Heaven and Hell. The concept of Yin-Yang, believe it or not, envelopes Western medicine, western history, and anything western. Better yet, the concept of Yin-Yang is universal. For every star the dies, new energies are born. It's undeniable. Eastern medicine believes the definition of health is a strong flow of ki versus a weak, or blocked, stream of ki. This can be definable in terms of referring ki to the "god-like" substance that allows your heart to pump, the blood to move, and concepts that western medicine can't explain entirely or completely. However, western medicine can indeed come to say that our heart comes to pump through evolutionary mutations that formed necessarily to perform the various tasks of our ancestors - to put it bluntly.

Sit tight, I do have a point.

With all this said and done, if an impending doom is coming, an impending light is seen days before the event, or shortly after (we will bypass this theory in which that it would be mainstream salvation excerpts and theories). In turn, I believe the end will be undeniably upon us in which eldritcht, and I mean that word by concrete definition, events will ensue one after another. I can not begin to fathom what occurrences could result but could be lining things that are unexplainable by means of complex physics, psychology, science (being that of medicine and general science), or/and math.

With this being said and assumed, we can come to a reasonably rational conclusion that there will be some divine, or not so divine -in mention of the Yin-Yang theory, would overcome individuals or nations that could not happen by means or mortality or earthly bounds.

What creatures will come about to cause these chaotic, or perhaps seemingly blissful, events. Will a creature branded with the traditional unholy number 666 arise from the black or red sea? Or perhaps a more neighboring ocean such as the Atlantic or Pacific? Or, God forbid, creatures come from the depths of the unexplored habitats of the unreachable ocean abyss, come from every body of water (thus water being the core element of keeping physical beings alive).

Should we prepare physically by means of building up our bodies to be able to withstand the heat and cold and be able to defend ourselves against the common man's chaotic give-all, give-up rebellion at knowledge of the impending closing? Or should be spiritually brought up, being able to defend against the evils of man and purify the "bad" that stirs from the prenatal ashes of such a time?

Will Angels appear to a select few and instruct them of certain deeds? Will the angels, or beings, come to you? Would you be spiritually and physically capable of what they ask?
Or will demons crawl out of the lowlands, seeking to carry over the fears and deeds of men who are scared s**tless and giving up their humanity at the sound of the "end"? Will they attack you in every way possible? Mentally? Driving your loved ones to hell by means of tearing away their sanity?

All these things must be considered for those that DO actually believe that the Mayans, Hindus, Time Wave Length Continuum(excuse the possible incorrect term), the I Ching, and the other ancestral cultures that "claim" 2012 will be a radical happening?

You must take every possibility into account. In other words, in terms of just being safe, build yourself and others up physically and mentally and prepare for whatever YOU BELIEVE will incur.   

I'm not saying I deny or give belief to the fact of the end of time being 2012, but I wrote this to give my 2 cents to anyone who may want to take such into account.

For the end must mean a new beginning?
Or is "beginning" a mere relative term?

Let's just find out.


It is better to conquer yourself than to win many battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.

The situation is a demonic paradox: we have toppled the system but we still carry its genes.