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Doctors pull 28 nails from girl's body

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from Abc News:

Doctors in eastern Indonesia have removed the last of 28 nails found embedded in a three-year-old girl's legs and back in a horrific case some residents and officials blamed on witchcraft.

The doctors in Makassar on Sulawesi island had already removed more than two dozen 10-centimetre rusty nails, broken syringe needles and aluminium rods from the girl's legs before removing a nail lodged dangerously close to her spine.

"The girl is recovering from the operation and is generally in good condition. She is already playing again," the girl's surgeon Kamaruddin said.

X-rays in September revealed the foreign objects in the girl's legs and back, prompting suspicions among local residents that they had been inserted magically.

The governor of South Sulawesi province, Syahrul Yasin Limpo, visited the victim and said he believed witchcraft was to blame.

"Believe it or not, in South Sulawesi it is possible for these sorts of things to happen," Mr Syahrul was quoted as saying by local media.

"We have often heard about people whose heads suddenly go soft and medics have no idea what the cause is. It's called magic and it's explained in the Koran."

Doctors said scars on the girl's legs showed the nails had been inserted by a person over a six-month period.

The girl's parents told media the scars were from the girl trying to remove the nails and that they had no knowledge of how the nails got there.

Indonesia is a mainly Muslim nation but belief in black magic is widespread.

In 2009 president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono accused his political opponents of putting black magic spells on him ahead of the presidential election.


wow dad not what they mean when they say " build your kid up "
black magic ... i dont like that ; )

Bane Bloodfang:
Witchcraft? my ass, thats just messed up child abuse. Poor thing, its bad enough they did that to her but to blame witch craft is cowardice. They've done it for publicity and publicity is what they've got. Congratualtions nimrods, you've proven you're bad parents -_-

It is way beyond mere bad parenting. Its a sadistic and cruel torture. And when you think of it, what sort of human one has to be to do such a thing to a child? ANY child. Least their own 3 year old. What amazes me is the fact that they accepted witchcraft as a reason for this, over such an obvious abuse....

Prison for such people? No. In this case, Id go with eye for an eye.


--- Quote from: Bane Bloodfang on December 01, 2011, 03:43:08 PM ---Witchcraft? my ass, thats just messed up child abuse.
--- End quote ---

As reasonable, rational people, you and I can see this straight away. But - along with the cases of children killed during "exorcisms" -  it raises a wider question: how can anyone who purports to believe in witchcraft, demons, "black magic", hell, even wicca and any form of "occult" (I use the word advisedly, I know what it literally means, I'm using it "layman" style) 'power' dismiss it as pure child abuse? I don't believe in anything that violates the laws of physics, but anyone who says that "magic" (or "magick" for the pseuds) is "real" cannot dismiss that it could have been caused that way. Some people believe in crazier things than that...

I realise I'm playing devil's advocate a little here, but this board is lacking in any gripping debate right now /wink


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