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Doctors pull 28 nails from girl's body

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Well, sure, they (the parents) can always play the "the demon made me do it" card.

The parents can, no doubt.

But I posit that anyone who believes in "magic" is in no position to completely rule out "magic" - or "witchcraft" - as a cause either.

Yeah, but what are the odds really? I mean, how many cases of children attacked by devil nails opposed to those that were plainly abused are there?

But likewise - what are the odds that burning incense and lighting candles while reciting mumbo-jumbo can change the laws of physics and/or reality?

If you'd like to believe witchcraft, go right ahead. While we're throwing out possibilities that need not be true, let's allow the aliens to throw their hat in to the ring. Anyone else? Ghosts maybe? A Banshee? How about a Gnome? There is a list of infinite possibilities, but only one that that shines through at truth in this situation.


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