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Frequencies and altering DNA

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--- Quote from: Nina on December 01, 2011, 04:45:42 PM ---Depends, if you hit the right frequency at the right place, you can actually scientifically proven, change DNA. So why not change other laws of physics as well?

--- End quote ---

Proof please that witchcraft or magic has been "scientifically proven [to] change DNA".

Of course :)


ps: you modified the post, but here is the proof of frequencies, and you spoke of "reciting mumbo-jumbo", which basically produces certain frequencies.


I asked for proof. Some actual scientific proof. Not the channelled messages of Kryon from the planet Zanussi






Hey, aliens know their smurf ;) Dont be a spiecests.

That's basically the same hogwash from the first site, relinked 3 times...

I hate to sound rude, but "stuff published on a website by some unknown pseudoscientists" scientific proof does not make.

Anybody can make a claim about anything - "real" science demands evidence and data to back up what is being claimed. This is how science is done: then, other people can take the data and check it for errors, or recreate the same effect themselves. This is proof. They provide no data nor evidence. Just ... claims. It is not even "junk science" - it is pseudoscience. This is the David Icke of science.

(Before you go into another frenzy of googling new age-quackery websites, might I just explain to you about the implications of the theory you are attempting to prove has been proven: if DNA can be altered by words and frequencies, then after your almost 3 decades on this planet, being exposed to a whole lexicon or two of words and pretty much the full EM spectrum, you should have the dna of a jellyfish by now... Think about it, use your reason, before you just accept something you found on the internet.)


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