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Small town cult?



these guys are part of the fresh life church that came up here from california... http://freshlifechurch.org/3.0/index.php

they own several major downtown buildings, they're skull church stickers are everywhere and of course i went to check it out...a sunday morning service from the song of solomon, the entire book taken down to the necessety of being, young, married and faithful. i did not like his attitude towards the book, his intrpretation of it, or the fact that if you're a single person you don't fit in to their "group".  I have a friend that went to the skull church going through a tough spiritual patch. One of their married youth pastors offered her his number for "spiritual support, after several exchanges he started to send her naked pictures, she brought the issue up to his wife when she got in town and my friend got kicked out for adultry...he ended up being caught cheating, literally naked in bed with another girl and he's still one of their youth pastors "helping" spiritually troubled girls?!?!

Add that to the fact my love for skulls i often wear and the constant "are you part of the skull church?" question when people notice them, really irk me...they're symbolism transcends the hilll Christ was crucified on and i'm tired of being associated with a church that seems more like a roman catholic practice and less like an open "live like christ and celebrate fellowship" that i can only find in home groups, just because i like the face of death which helps keep my vanity in check all derived from a psychological illusion picture.


and in the end when the flesh is gone, we're just bones and spirit...all the same.

Mybe now that i can afford the monthly dues i'll just join our messianic jewish synogogue...they view God and Jesus differently than most christians living todaay, heck...even the new jehovah witnesses have a better grasp on the life of Christ and living like him than most christian churches i've visited.

No wonder why it's becoming an obsolete religion, the only ones who keep it right are the ones who place God before Christ and keep him as a spirit in the flesh showing us how it's supposed to be done, acceptance of those who need it the most, fellowship to keep hope united, faith in the Lord,  his laws and most importantly love, even those that don't deserve it...not judgement, favoritism and power abuse; which sadly seem to be the requirement for attractional model churches these days, the fresh life church and it's skull church fall severely short of christly values, in my, not usually humble opinion.

what makes a cult?


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