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Where did christianity go so wrong?


From it's first construct as presented in the new testament it was all about the poor man finding some solace in a world of rich men, however in recent times it seems to have gotten so far off track from Jesus's words that what most see now doesn't seem very Jesus like...churches hold fundraisers for money, pass judgement on those they don't perceive as being equal to them, boo tax collectors, and insist because the bible says it's wrong it is wrong.

Jesus was all about acceptance, forgiveness and if people read his replies to the questions his disciples had for him while looking at the history of the times he was living in, a lot of it could apply and resolve a lot of problems in todays world, rather than criticize the tax collector for doing his job, why not dine with him and have an understanding of his life. Embrace women of questionable behavior, show them by example that there is a better way to balance their desires with a goodness of the soul, not present them as unrepetent whores but women who know no other way until shown a better way.

i personally blame the roman influence, one of the very foundations it seems original christianity was against and persecuted by and embraced by their, organization and turned into a religion of middle men, corrupted pagan holidays and idoltry.

i think some of todays christians should revisit the wwjd, he'd hug gay people and invite them to sit and listen, not say they're going to burn in hell, which is actually based on the roman afterworld.  ;)



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