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Hello,i wanted to ask anyone who read's this if they now anything about the illuminati.
I'm trying to find out who they are and,or if there even real and if they are what do they do.
I,m asking here because i try to look this stuff up online but every were i look it's a different story and i can't find any book's so that's why im asking here so if anyone now's anything it would help.

Thank you,Dustin

start out with the masons and knights templar, it seems they come from that group of ideas

Ok thanks i may see what i cant find out and best part is there's a mason lodge in my town.

Well the mason lodge is not going to tell me anything and ive looked in the local library but they don't have much of anything.

So i wanted to ask that if anyone has any experiences or now anything about the illuminati
if you do please post or send me a message.

Have a nice day,Peace

The illuminati are actually a conspiracy theory, a lot like men in black, the skulls or other "secret" sub groups that are active around the world.

a whole list to go through.


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