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Jake McGuff:
Hey jordyn, sorry, didnt get your sarcasm at first:-P
Well, I wouldn't say "the least trust worthy nation in the world", that's too much^&))))))))))))))) haha

Knights of Templar, huh? Have you read Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum? I got a chance to read it a couple of years ago and for quite some time was obsessed with Templars:) A great read, you should def check it out!! And I assume you probably read Brown's books....:)

So yeah, getting back to my topic, Operation Archangel IS connected with religion (SOMEHOW - that is what I am trying to figure out!!!). The site, which is believed to be created by British hackers (wikifess.com) released the news about the missing girl Emily that she WAS a fake front covering for a proper run of Operation Archangel (well, this is my theory though). And Operation Archangel was launched in order to control religious organizations/groups in the UK.

I was wondering is this is something allowed by law (freedom of religion and stuff???)...

And also there is another site - purgetheworld.com - did I mention it before?? - so, they were looking for Emily as well, so now I have no idea if they are a fake front as well!!!!!!! Holy.....

Maybe they represent those religious groups that were - what? mistreated by UK government - I don't know:)))

Whoever has an opinion, an assumption or just wants to chat - reply:)))


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