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If the Mothman exists, I don't believe it's "natural".
Most Forteans or Cryptozoologists don't pay attention to this guy, but when they have no evidence has been gathered that it's anything we'll find as a "new species". It's been dismissed, over and over and labeled as Misidentified.
Some Religious folks around here believe the Mothman and Owlman are just "Fallen" ones.
Especially since the most public sightings are when disasters occur. ( IE: 9/11 brought about dozens of videos of Mothman flying near and around the towers. Reports of it happening all the way out in Japan during the Tsunami... all sorts of things. )

It's an idea.

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I'm not sure what I think about Mothman, but my husband loves to hear Mothman stories!

I'm in Wisconsin. I have family in the Northern part of the state, in a city called Rhinelander. There are many reports of a local forest dwelling monster there called a Hodag. Here's a link:

Closer to where I live, there is a lake called Rock Lake that supposedly has some sort of Loch Ness Monster kind of a thing in it. I've been to this lake; while I never saw a monster, it really is an amazing place. It is a spring fed lake with crystal clear water. There are pyramids at the bottom of the lake. Lots of energy on this lake.  :-)
Here's another link:

Creepy fella isn't he?  :-D
I've heard about the Pyramids there. It's on my list of: Must Go See Its

Aww, I had another thought to add to all this... but I guess where I'm so mentally worn out, I lost it. I'll have to post it later.

It's definitely a place to put on a Must Go See It list. There are also other structures in the area that are above ground that you can go and visit. I would highly recommend Aztalan State Park as another item for a Must Go See It list.

I suspect that the structures at Aztalan were created by the same people that built the pyramids in Rock Lake. They are very close together.


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