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--- Quote from: DarkenedMind on March 18, 2013, 02:59:14 PM ---I'm showing hate toward the idiots that are in my area and want to make them realize the truth of the world and the powers. I have only music to get away from the absolute ignorance if the fools that make up the US, including the president who is a complete want to be dictator trying to take our freedoms. I either listen to or create my own music and train in hand to hand and blade combat. But I'm not sure where the true relation would be.

--- End quote ---

Universal myth...

From whatever source you derive your beliefs, understandings, spiritualism from's general;y tied to an older, more original source. Black has always been associated with the evil unknown waiting to pounce at a  frail human and white has always been associated with higher human tendencies.

Wolves we're the first cave pets, their symbolism has been around since, forever:(in human understandings). Just because you've never heard the story does not mean your brain can't associate it with personal understandings, it connects the dots to apply it to your situation. Funny enough this translates as a dream for me, if they were physical wolves I'd look at a more shamanistic like approach, but these symbols sound more personal, you need to unravel them according to your soul.  :)

Sort of like reading a tarot deck, but you're mind creates the cards, not Llewellyn.



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