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this man called varden has been chasing after me and giving me these dreams........he's also taken me out of my body before and tried to rape me. but my fiancee has had to send some friends of his to get me. but just recently HE'S been taken.... we got him back but this guy keeps hurting us and chasing us......he's a veil being by the way. i just...he seems to powerful for the 2 of us......if anyone knows anything about him please tell me. he has a grey and black trench short black hair and blazing red and green eyes. (yes ik i said two colors... they're half and half)

It sounds like a incbus but why would it go after u, you r male

My you are female sorry, but it sounds like a incbus, which is a male sex demon

ok first of all lol that's funny. u thoght i was a guy. and hmmmm... ok well i see... i still can't belive that even thou i'm the host to the true cat goddess i can't do crap! and my faincee is the host to bahemute the dragon god. we didn't stand a chance....

okay well i somehow was able to trap him in me and i found out that i was his lover in a past life but anyway he made me a deal. "write my story and i will leave you alone."


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