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Working With Magickal Energy
« on: October 22, 2006, 11:57:27 AM »
Working With Magickal Energy

This lesson has been written to instruct the student on how to sense and manipulate energy, and is once again "exercise-intensive". It is intended for the lesson to be studied and practiced repeatedly over the course of several weeks. You may take up to 8 weeks to finish this lesson if you need to. Your homework for this lesson is to practice all of the listed exercises (except for the optional ones and they are listed as such) and report in writing your experiences. DESCRIBE IN DETAIL what you did, how you did it, and how you felt. Include descriptions of as many of the senses as you can.

Notes of Caution:
 Energy work is very strenuous on your body if you do not practice it with responsibility.
 Always remember to ground after you have raised and sent energy.
 Always eat and drink something after you have grounded.
 Failure to do the above can result in health issues.

The Perception and Sources of Energy Fields
The following is excerpted from an unknown web site (not sure where, but it is from the internet, and changed/added to by Caileah)

Magick is a broad term given to the ability to make events occur in accordance with one’s true Will by the application of sufficient energy.

In other words, magick is the direction of energy to a desired goal or purpose. It is a manipulation of the more subtle forms of energy which science is just beginning to understand.

Sources of Energy

We live in a sea of energy. Everything around us is energy; we are energy. Matter is energy in a very tight, very specific matrix or form. Energy bombards us in various forms every day: light, sound, heat, radiation, gravity, ultraviolet light, microwaves, radio waves, television signals, and many, many others. All these forms of energy both include and make up the more subtle energy that we use in magick. This more subtle energy form has been called the "ether, " or "aether, " by some. Regardless of the name, it is a form of energy that interacts with, and possibly comprises, all other energy types.

The energy that is used in magick comes from six basic sources.

 The energy within ourselves
 The environment around us such as plants, rocks, nature, etc.
 Energy willingly given by others and/or energy created through various forms of personal empowerment
 Energy from other planes of existence: astral, mental, elemental, spiritual
 Energy from higher entities and divine sources.
 **From the pain/suffering/death of living beings This item is included only for the sake of completeness. It is true, but not recommended as a way for an Ethical Witch to practise


In everything you do in your interactions with others, remember to treat people as YOU would want to be treated in return. Remember karma and the law of return?

The physical body is a storehouse and channel for energy. The center of our energy system is our chakras. The chakras are energy transfer points within the body, and are responsible for regulating the energy field of the body. This energy field is known as the aura; some people like to call it the Human Energy Field. The body stores energy for normal and magickal use. In addition, the body can channel energy from outside sources to replenish itself and for use in magick. People tend to have three types of internal energy:

 Life essence
 Normal energy
 Magickal energy

The life essence is the core of our energy system. This energy is rarely tapped.

The normal energy of the body is that energy that is used in everyday life. It is the easiest energy to replace, and is replenished through eating, resting, exercise, and other activities designed to restore/maintain the body/mind.

Every individual possesses magickal energy to some extent. As with normal energy, magickal energy can be developed and its capacity increased. Magickal energy is the energy gathered from the energy that permeates all things. Magickal energy can be used to increase normal energy.

When working magick, both magickal energy and normal energy are used. Normal energy is used to fuel the body and to provide a vehicle for the movement of magickal energy. When the stored magickal energy is depleted, normal energy can be used in its place. As normal energy is used up (whether by magickal or non-magickal activity), the body becomes tired. If the body becomes too tired, illness can set in. If the normal energy is completely expended, the life essence can be drawn upon. This is extremely dangerous, because if the level of the life essence drops too low then physical death can occur.

Consider the previous paragraph to be a major warning. When working magick, the individual must be careful to observe his/her energy level. As the energy level decreases, the amount of physical and magickal expenditures also need to decrease. If the energy level drops too low, then illness and/or death can occur. This is neither fiction nor a Hollywood drama—it can happen.

All living things and all items in creation contain energy. The ground, sky, rocks, crystals, trees, plants, animals, elemental forces, etc., all contain energy. The combined energy field of all things in creation can be tapped when working with magick. This combined energy field is often referred to as the ether.

All living beings have the potential to be able consciously to transfer energy to other people. This is most often seen through prayer and good wishes. Magickal people can send energy to other people. This type of energy forms the third type of energy listed. It is energy that is freely given.

The physical plane is not the only plane of existence. There are three major planes of Being—physical, mental, and spiritual. These three planes can be further divided. Within the physical plane there are the elemental planes: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit/Ether. Within the mental plane there are other planes such as the astral plane. Energy can be drawn from these planes or forces. This energy is the fourth type of energy.

Within the spiritual planes there reside the higher beings. These are beings that do not exist in physical form unless they desire to manifest in that way) There are many different entities on the spiritual level: elemental rulers, spirit guides, teachers, angels, demons, demigods, deities, etc. These entities can be petitioned for assistance and energy, though this method requires some type of compensation.

The last type of energy is NOT used by Witches, Wiccans, or any other practitioners of white or "gray" magick. This last category of energy is that which is generated by the pain and suffering of others. On ALL levels, causing other entities to suffer is wrong!

To use energy, you must first learn to sense the energy and then to control those senses.

I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

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Re: Working With Magickal Energy
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2006, 11:59:59 AM »
Sensing Magickal Energies

The human body is a fairly amazing system capable of many things, including sensing the finer energies around us. Sensing magickal energy is ordinarily accomplished through a specialized form of the sense of touch. However, some people use other senses, such as sight and hearing, to locate magickal energies. In fact, every sense can detect magickal energies. Since the use of touch is the most common, that is where we will start.

Exercise 1 (Touch): Energy Field Associated With Palm Chakras

Get a sheet of paper, or a tape recorder. After you do this exercise, you will want to make notes of any perceptions, feelings, or senses, no matter how strange they might seem. For this exercise, sit in a comfortable position. Do not worry about posture—just relax.

Place the palms of your hands together in front of you.
Move your hands apart until they are about one foot away from each other.
Slowly move your hands together until they touch.
Move your hands apart until they are about six inches from each other.
Slowly move your hands together until they touch.
Move your hands apart until they are about three inches from each other.
Slowly move your hands together until there is about one inch of space between them.
Repeat the last two steps several times, creating a "bouncing" motion with your hands.
Take a few moments to write down any perceptions or feelings you experienced.
Many people report a tingling sensation in their palms; they may also feel warmth, coolness, pressure, etc. When I do this exercise, I feel a pressure similar to that observed when like poles of a magnet are brought together. If you have never seen this phenomenon, get either two bar magnets or two disk magnets and experiment with placing them together. Different poles will be attracted to each other, and like poles will be repelled by each other. If you did not feel anything when doing this exercise, don’t worry. Some people take a bit longer to get used to sensing the energy fields. Try repeating the exercise, but begin by rubbing your hands together briskly—as if they are cold and you are trying to warm them—for about thirty seconds before beginning.

This exercise teaches you to feel energy fields. The body has special energy transfer centers called chakras. There are seven major chakras located along the spine, 21 minor chakras (two are located in the palms of the hand), and there are over 101 other energy points located across the body. The chakras help to regulate the flow of energy within the body and to form the auric bodies. The auric bodies are basically shells of energy which surround the body.

Exercise 2 (Touch): Energy Associated With The Auric Field

This exercise will give you another method for sensing the human energy fields. Pay special attention to the feelings and sensations in your fingertips.

Place your hands together in front of you.
Move your hands apart until there is about half an inch separating them.
Pretend that there is an imaginary bar going through the centers of your palms, so that your hands will rotate only backward and forward.
Keep the left hand still and slowly rotate the right hand forward, then slowly rotate the right hand backward.
Repeat step 4 several times.
The energy field that surrounds the body is called the aura. The aura has many layers and shapes. The auric layer closest to the body tends to fit like a second skin. When you move your hands back and forth, the energy fields surrounding the hands bump into each other. People often feel either tingling in the fingertips or little ridges of pressure as the fingertips pass each other.

You should practice these exercises over several weeks to help yourself become acclimated to feeling the energy fields. The more you do these exercises, the more acute your senses will become. Eventually, you will be able to distinguish between subtle energy patterns, recognize color by feel, and much more. Being able to sense the energy fields and subtle patterns within them will be of extreme use if you do work with the various forms of magickal healing .

Exercise 3 (Touch): Energies Associated With Your Auric Field

Perform Exercise 1 (Touch).
Hold your right hand about three inches above your left arm.
Slowly move your right hand nearer to your arm until you begin to sense the energy field.
Slowly move your hand up and down your arm, noting any sensations that you experience.
Ordinarily, the energy field is fairly smooth around the body. Unless you are suffering from some ailment or you have had some injury, the field will be fairly constant. Do not be surprised if you can feel places where bones have been broken, etc. All ailments will leave energy residue in the auric field, even long after the event has occurred and the injury has healed. The next time you hit your arm, try feeling the energy field over the spot and around it, and notice the differences in the energy field.

Exercise 4 (Touch): Energy Associated With Other Living Objects

Exercise 4 helps you to begin sensing the energy fields of other objects. Eventually, you will be able to sense the energy in dirt, ordinary rocks, etc. Everything has an energy field. You will find that living things have stronger energy fields than inanimate objects, the exception being crystals. In this exercise you will need a plant (either a potted plant, an outdoor plant or a tree, etc.) If you have a quartz or other crystal, that will be useful.

Perform Exercise 1 (Touch).
Place your hands about one foot from the plant, tree, bush, etc.
Slowly move your hands closer to the plant until you begin to feel its energy field.
Once you begin to feel the energy field, slowly explore the plant.
You will generally find there are stronger fields around flowers and buds, the tips of leaves, and around the root structure.

Repeat this exercise using a crystal.

Exercise 5 (Touch): Sensing The Energy Fields Of Others

So far, these exercises have been centered around living objects and yourself. This next experiment requires a second person. Remember, you must have permission to "feel" another person.

Perform Exercise 1 (Touch).
Put your hand about three inches above the arm of the other person.
Slowly move your hand closer until you sense the other person’s energy field. With different people, this occurs at different distances—anywhere from six inches to two or three feet, depending on the person.
The following experiments will generally produce results similar to Exercise 1.

Exercise 6 (Touch): Sensing The Energy Field Around Electrical Appliances

This exercise will get you accustomed to feeling strong fields around inanimate objects. You will need a computer monitor, or a TV, or a radio speaker, or a microwave, etc.

Perform Exercise 1 (Touch).
Put your hand(s) about six inches from the object you are sensing.
Slowly move your hand(s) closer to the object until you touch the item.
Move your hand slowly away from the item and toward it until you sense the field.
Electrical appliances will produce a stronger field than other inanimate objects. It may take some practice to begin sensing these fields, but eventually you will be successful.

Exercise 7 (Touch): Sensing The Energy Fields Around Inanimate Objects

This last exercise in touch moves to working with inanimate objects. Any non-living, non-electrical object will do.

Perform Exercise 6 (Touch), but use an inanimate object instead.
The energy fields of inanimate objects are more subtle than those of other items. It may take a good deal of practice of feel these fields, but given time and practice, you will be able to sense them. In addition, when working with objects and other people, do not be surprised if you pick up impressions of things that have happened to the people or the other objects. Some people have strong psychometric skill. Psychometry is a branch of magick devoted to picking up impressions from objects and is a subset of channeling.

Feeling the energy fields around objects can give you a great deal of valuable information. However, touch is not the only sense we can use. The second most common sense used in magickal workings is Sight. A heightened form of ordinary eyesight, Sight is that which lets us see the magickal energies. Sight may take longer to develop in some people than others. Also, Sight may manifest differently in different people. Some people may see brilliant and vibrant colors; others may see things in shades of gray; and some may see energy patterns. The more you use your Sight, the stronger and more accurate it will become. When beginning to train your Sight, it is not uncommon to see "glows" or "outlines" in a single color, usually white. With time and practice, you will be able to distinguish details and color and even more.

The next series of exercises will help you train yourself to see energy fields.

Exercise 1 (Sight): The Hands, Part 1

For this exercise you will need some white poster board or a sheet of white paper. You will also need a sheet of black construction paper or poster board. The sheet must be large enough so that your hand fits on it. In addition, you will need to perform this exercise in a dim room.

Perform Exercise 1 (Touch) several times.
Hold your common-use hand (if you’re right-handed, use the right hand) in front of the white paper.
Let the focus of your eyes relax and gaze at your hand.
Given some time and practice, you will begin to see the auric field around your own hand. Try this experiment using both the white and black paper. Beginners sometimes have an easier time with a dark background than a light background, but this is not always true. During this experiment do not strain or try to force the experience—just let it happen.

Exercise 2 (Sight): The Hands, Part 2

Perform Exercise 1 (Touch) several times.
Hold your hand in front of the white paper with your index finger extended.
Feel a beam of white light jump from your index finger and strike the paper.
Let the focus of your eyes relax as you gaze at your hand and the paper.
Once you are able to see the energy field around your hand, try to expand your focus to include larger objects. Look at people and see what you "See." Try looking at plants and trees. Also, watch people who are really enthusiastic about a subject they are discussing. People who are speaking on a subject they feel strongly about will generally have a very highly energized auric field.

Exercise 3 (Sight): Plants

You will need a house plant for this next exercise.

Place the plant in front of the white paper and dim the lights a little.
Sit and relax, and let your focus slowly fade
Look at the plant, then sort of through it and past it.
With practice, you should be able to see the energy field of the plant.

Exercise 4 (Sight): Self

In this exercise you will try to see your own energy field while looking in a mirror. You will need a quiet area—preferably with a solid color door, either white or dark—and a mirror (size doesn’t matter, so long as you can see your entire head in the mirror).

Find a quiet place with low lighting.
Sit or stand with your back to the door.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Relax your focus and look "through/behind" yourself.
With practice, you will begin to see the basic outline of your aura. In time, you will be able to see colors, any problem spots, and—with more training—you will be able to distinguish between the auric layers (discussed in another lesson).

Exercise 5 (Sight): Others, Part 1

Exercise 5 depends on having a willing partner.

Repeat Exercise 4 (Sight), except have the other person stand/sit in front of the door.
Exercise 6 (Sight): Others, Part 2

Exercise 6 is done while observing other people. You might choose to do this exercise before a class starts, while in a mall, perhaps at a sporting event, etc.

Choose a location with several people.
Select one person at random and an object near them.
Train your focus on the object near the person, and then relax your focus so that you include the person in your gaze.
Relax and look "through/behind" the individual.
Please note that Exercise 6 can pose an interesting ethical dilemma. Since "Sight" is not a normally-developed extension to regular sight by non-magickal people, is it ethical to use "Sight" on another person without permission?

Problems to consider include:

Is it permissible to use an ability on someone who has not developed that ability without that person’s express consent?
People with training in the martial arts or military combat often face this issue when confronted with a situation where they are being attacked. The specialized training gives them an advantage (possibly lethal) that the average person does not posses. While anyone can learn the skill with time, they do not possess it during that confrontation.

Is it permissible to "bend the rules" while learning if it is only a "little" bend?
During the process of learning, it is sometimes necessary for the student to be exposed to information that—while they may not use it—is useful for them to know. In some cases, this may be a bending of the normal rules. For example, does learning about putting a curse on someone violate any ethical principles? Does sparring with a consenting individual pose ethical issues?

Is the use of "Sight, " as magickal people understand the term, nothing more than an extension of normal sight and thereby not an ethical issue?
Since "Sight" is really an extension of normal sight, are we not looking at a case of someone’s developing a skill that everyone has the potential to develop? Is the development of hearing or moving silently an ethical problem, or does the ethical problem arise with its use?

Is the use of Sight in public places anything more than the use of normal sight?
If you walk past a couple engaged in a conversation and you hear something that is not meant for everyone to hear, are you committing an ethical "no-no?" Is overhearing a conversational tidbit any different from seeing something taking place?

If a person is putting off a very strong aura and you happen "See" it, is this an ethical "no-no?"
Of all the questions posed, this one may have the simplest answer. Casually observing something, regardless of how appropriate or inappropriate, is not an ethical issue in and of itself. The act of observation is not in question. However, the action an individual takes with regard to the information can raise an ethical issue. Casual observation does not pose an ethical issue.

These are but a few questions to consider. There are no cut-and-dried answers. The issue of magickal ethics has already been covered and I leave it up to you to use your own set of ethics and discretion.
Remember that the ethical nature of any action must be considered before taking that action. The ethics of magickal actions, or any action for that matter, must be constantly reviewed and examined if it is to have any meaning or impact on our lives.

Sight will allow you to see energy fields, perceive subtle shifts in energy, spot trouble areas, etc. It is also useful when working with certain forms of channeling/divination. With practice, you will also be able to see the energy lines within the Earth, as well as energy pools. Remember that Sight may take some time to develop—each person develops at a different rate.

Any of the five basic senses can be developed to the point that you can use it to detect or feel energy. Energy flows have a definite flavor, they have a smell, and they have a sound. After "touch" and Sight, the sense of sound is usually the next one developed.

Everything vibrates. Even items which we consider to be non-moving, such as a chair, are really moving. This idea has been part of magickal theory for many thousands of years. Western science is just now beginning to understand the concept. All matter is made up atoms. Atoms are, in turn, made up of protons, electrons, neutrons, and other subatomic particles such as quarks, as well as other quantum-level particles. We now know that all of these particles are in constant motion. On some level, everything is always in motion.

Consider sound: sound is nothing more than the excitation of particles at a certain rate. This rate, for humans, is between 50Hz and 4.5KHz. Hz is the abbreviation for hertz; one hertz is defined as one cycle per second. 50 Hz means that a wave repeats itself 50 times every second. 4.5Khz means that a wave repeats itself 4, 500 times per second. The higher the hertz, the higher-pitched the sound. At around 4.5KHz, sound passes beyond the ability of humans to hear. If you have ever taken music lessons or if you listen to music, you will know that in Western music there are seven basic notes, or tones, in a scale. These tones can be made to sound higher or lower by changing the frequency. If you go through the entire series of seven tones, you go through an octave and start again. Therefore, you can have the same "note" at different levels: "Middle C, " "C above Middle C, " "C below Middle C, " etc. These octave notes are called harmonics. When "hearing" energy, it will register as a harmonic of a note or frequency that you can hear normally.
I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

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Re: Working With Magickal Energy
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To learn to "Hear" energy, most people find it useful to start with bells and chimes. There is also another technique called "Inner Voice" or "Internalizing, " wherein you vibrate a sound. The first step in learning to "Hear" is to establish a base.

Exercise 1 (Hearing)

For this exercise you will need a high-pitched bell or chime. If you do not have one, you can improvise with metal spoons, bowls, and pots. If you have two small metal incense burners, like those available in grocery stores, you will find that striking the two surfaces together will produce a nice chime sound.

Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet area.
Relax and strike the bell or chime.
Listen to the sound as it fades to nothing.
Strike the bell or chime again, but this time pay attention to the higher sounds.
Listen to the sound as it fades.
Strike the bell or chime again and pay attention to any vibrations that occur within your body.
Developing the sense of "Hearing" to perceive energy fields takes some practice, but it can be done. As you work, you may start to notice a low- or high-pitched whine just outside of your normal hearing range. Just remember to relax, work with the sound, and listen to it.

Of all the senses, taste and smell are usually the last and hardest to develop, since it is very difficult to teach someone to taste a food. However, it is possible to develop these senses to taste and smell energy. Since taste and smell are linked, the two senses are pretty much developed in tandem. If you have ever had a head cold or a stopped-up nose, you will know that at those times it is impossible to taste anything—at best, everything tastes very bland. We will draw upon this concept to help develop these last two senses.

I am going to assume that before starting these exercises you will already have begun using one or more of the other senses. Every emotional state has a specific rate or range of vibration. Since emotions can be very intense, the energy associated them will be correspondingly intense. Further, the "flavor" and "smell" of the energy will be very pronounced, especially when dealing with very strong emotions. The exercises for "tasting" and "smelling" energy will require other people to begin with.

he first step will be to "taste" and "smell" strong positive emotions. Generally, positive energy will have a pleasant taste and smell. Negative energy, on the other hand, will generally have a bad or unpleasant taste and smell. Very positive emotions can have a very sweet smell and taste. Very negative emotions can have a very bitter or sour taste and smell. You must understand that these statements are generalizations only.

Exercise 1 (Taste and Smell )(Optional, but highly recommended)

This exercise will require you to attend some type of religious service. I select this venue, because the emotions tend to be very strong and, usually, very positive. In addition, since there are a large number of people participating, the concentration of energy will be much greater. When attending any type of religious service, be sure not to be disrupting (even if you do not agree) and always be polite.

Sit in a spot that is out of the way.
Relax and open your senses.
Follow throughout the service and "feel" the flow of energy. You will be surprised at the amount of energy that occurs during song.
When you feel a decent "surge" or level of energy, inhale deeply.
Let your mind pick out the known and unknown scents. Think about the energy levels as you inhale.
Inhale through your mouth and taste the smells. Think about the energy levels.
If possible, make notes about your impressions and sensations.

With practice, you will be able to discern a particular "taste" and "smell" for positive energy. With further development, you will be able to "taste" and "smell" specific emotions.

Exercise 2 (Taste and Smell) (Required)

For Exercise 2, you will need another person, preferably a friend whom you trust. You need to do this when you are not wearing perfume/cologne and are reasonably clean. You should try to limit the number of outside smells in the area. Exercise 2 is designed to help you establish the tastes and smells of extreme ranges of emotions/energy.

Find a relaxed and quiet area.
Take several moments to breathe deeply, smelling and tasting what is in the area.
Ask your friend to think, feel, and remember a very positive experience and to describe it to you.
As your friend is talking, open your senses and feel the energy flows. While your friend is talking, concentrate on the smells and tastes you are experiencing.
After your friend is finished, ask him/her to think of a very bad experience and to relate it to you.
Sense the energy fields and patterns. Concentrate on the smells and tastes as your friend speaks.
After working through the base emotions, be sure to write down your impressions and experiences.
You should work with this exercise several times before attempting the third exercise, because you will need a base of reference from which to work.

Exercise 3 (Taste and Smell)

This exercise also requires another person, preferably the same person from Exercise 2. If possible, you will want a second or third person to work with at different times.

Find a relaxed and quiet area.
Take several moments to breathe deeply, smelling and tasting what is in the area.
Ask your friend to feel a specific emotion such as love, joy, happiness, anger, hate, etc.
Have the friend tell you what they are feeling.
Relax and open yourself to the energies around you, taste and smell the energy being generated by the person.
Repeat these steps for different emotions.
After working through each emotion, write down your sensations and experiences.
With practice and study, you can learn to use any of the five basic senses to sense energy fields. You will be able to "find" certain types of energy and to recognize the energy types. If you branch out into healing, these senses will become extremely useful when treating "dis-ease" and other problems. The most important thing to remember through all of this is not to get discouraged or upset. Some people start with very strong potentials for "Touch, " "Sight, " "Hearing, " "Smell, " and "Taste, " while others must struggle to learn to use these senses.

Projecting Energy

One of the first steps in manipulating energy is the ability to project it. The projection of energy involves the following steps:

Summon the energy you will use
Think of what you want the energy to do.
See the energy leaving your body on a desired course and let it go.

Exercise 1 (Energy Projection): Directing A Beam Of Energy

Extend your arm and forefinger.
Feel and see a blue glow at your fingertip. The energy will feel cool and soothing.
See and feel the energy jump from your fingertip and travel out in a line from your finger.
See the energy strike a desired point away from your body.
When you are ready to stop, see the beam of energy stop.
The beam of energy will rapidly (instantly) fade when you cease the projection. The point that was formed will dissipate slowly until you will it to dissipate more rapidly.

Exercise 2 (Energy Projection): Forming A Pool Of Energy

Perform Exercise 1 (Energy), steps 1 through 4.
See the energy collect into a pool or a spot.
Continue until you have a spot the size that you desire.
When ready to stop, see the beam of energy stop and allow the spot either to fade or to be reabsorbed into yourself.
One of the first practical applications of directing energy is forming a Level 1 Circle. A Circle is a protected and sacred area used to contain your energy and to keep negative influences away from you. It also helps to put you in a mindset for working magick. I define three levels of circles:

Level 1 – Base Circle
Level 2 – Base Circle + Quarters
Level 3 – Base Circle + Quarters + Deity

Exercise 3 (Energy Projection): Level 1 Circle, Standing In Place

Stand at the center of the circle that will be created.
Extend your arm and forefinger and see a blue glow at your fingertip.
See the beam of light strike the ground at the desired edge of the circle.
Slowly turn clockwise. As you turn, see a trail of blue light forming a circle.
Continue to turn clockwise until you reach the point from which you started and see the circle formed.
When the circle is formed, see the entire circle glowing with a blue light.
See the circle form itself into a sphere.
Know that the sphere will provide a protective barrier between the outer world and the inner space you have created.

Exercise 4 (Energy Projection): Level 1 Circle, Walking The Boundary Of The Circle

Use the procedures in Exercise 3 (Energy Projection), but instead of standing in the center of the circle, walk the boundary of the circle.

Reabsorbing Energy

To reabsorb energy, you must see/feel the energy and then draw it back into your body. Imagine yourself or a body appendage, such as your finger, as a focal point and see/feel the energy entering through that point.

Exercise 1 (Energy Reabsorption): Uncasting Level 1 Circle

Stand (or face) the beginning point.
Extend your arm and forefinger and point to the edge of the circle.
Walk counterclockwise (or rotate) and see/feel the blue light of the edge of the circle being drawn back through your fingertip.
Continue to walk or rotate until you reach the beginning of the circle.
Optionally, state that the circle is closed:
"The circle is uncast but not broken. To all those in attendance, Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet again."

I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

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Re: Working With Magickal Energy
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2006, 12:04:38 PM »
Forming Energy

Once you can sense energy with any of your five basic senses, you can create energy forms. These energy forms are the basis of being able to form and direct energy. Creating the energy form can be broken into the following steps.

Create the object in your mind.
Project a mass of energy to a desired point or to your hand.
See the mass of energy slowly reform to the shape that is created in your mind.
To create an energy form, you must first decide what you want to create.

Create the image in your mind. See the object in as much detail as you can maintain.
Create an outline of the object in two dimensions.
Expand the two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional object.
Observe the object from various directions, making sure that you have the form correct from all perspectives.
Add basic color to the object.
Add shading and texture.
Refine the object until you are satisfied in your mind with what you have formed.

Sending Energy to Others

When working magick, it is often desirable to send energy to someone. This is especially true with healing work. Also, an individual may ask you to direct some energy their way. The direction of energy can be done as a passive act through positive thoughts and good will. It can also be accomplished through the more active method of projecting energy. Sending energy to an individual is nothing more than projecting energy and sending it to a desired location. Once again, the issue of magickal ethics must be considered. Sending someone positive energy to help them through the day may seem like a positive action. However, remember that you should not perform any action without express permission. If an individual asks for your help, then you are free to act. If, however, they do not ask for your assistance, then you may find yourself in a difficult position.

If you wish to aid someone, but do not have their express permission, you can petition a higher force (if you believe in such a force) for intervention. For example, you could build a bundle of energy and then ask that the God and/or Goddess (or the archetype of deity) take that energy and use it as he/she sees fit to aid the individual in question. There is also another option wherein you send the energy to the person with the stipulation or message that the energy is there if he/she wishes to use it. Notice that the first option involves the help of a higher entity. The second option prevents the energy from being absorbed by the individual until he/she desires it to happen. With such a working, the individual will know on some level that someone has sent them a "gift" of energy and may choose to accept it or not. Generally, that other level is the "higher self."

The following exercises are designed to help you send energy to other people.

Exercise 1 (Sending Energy): Passing Energy To Another Person Through Direct Contact

This exercise requires another person who is willing to take part in the experiment.

Sit or stand close to each other.
Take the other person's hand in yours.
Feel and see the energy collecting in your hand—feel it as warmth or coolness.
Feel and see a white light or energy flow from your hand to the other individual.
Allow the flow to continue for as long as desired. When ready, feel the flow stop.
This exercise should produce a reaction in both participants. Generally, the receiver will feel a warmth.

Exercise 2 (Sending Energy): Passing A Specific Type Of Energy (Hot Or Cold) To The Individual

Repeat Exercise 1 (Sending Energy), but visualize and feel with warm (red) or cold (blue) energy.
Repeat Exercise 1(Sending Energy), but instead of holding hands, have your hands separated by several inches.
Repeat the exercise again, but be separated by a few feet.
In each case, have the receiver tell you when they sense the energy reaching them.

Exercise 3 (Sending Energy): Tossing Energy Spheres

Sit/stand a comfortable distance from each other.
In your hand, form a sphere of white light or energy.
Throw the sphere to the other individual.
A variation on this exercise would be to have the other person have their eyes closed. You can also catch the energy and throw it back, just as you would a ball.

Power of the Spoken Word

Sound is vibration, excitation of energy. Before something can be spoken, it must first occur as thought. Therefore, sound is a method by which a thought form can be manifested. Since sound is energy, it has power. There is a school of thought that believes certain sounds, such as the name of "God" or the sound "ohm, " contain special power as the force of creation. The repetition of these sounds can be a method of generating power. This repetition is called chanting. In the moment that something is spoken, the individual speaker has power over that item, to a limited extent, for that instant in time. Chanting is often used as a focus for manifesting energy.

In addition to normal vocalization of sound, there is another form of vocalization called vibrating. Vibrating a sound is an external and internal manifestation of the energy. Vibrating a word has far-reaching effects on this plane, as well as on others. In some types of magick, high magick for example, vibrating a word is an essential part of the work. Every sound has the capability of setting up an internal resonance within the body. It is this resonance that allows an individual to vibrate a sound. Sounds that are vibrated can be audible or they can be silent (heard only by the individual). I believe that vibrating a sound is the basis for the idea that certain sounds can perform certain actions, i.e., stopping bleeding, mending broken bones, or even shattering objects.

The Hindus believe that the sound "ohm" embodies the creative force of the universe, that it is the word from which all creation is derived. Another example of this belief is seen in certain Buddhist sects that believe the underlying force of the universe is made manifest in the phrase "Nam-meyo-ho-ren-gay-keyoh (this is my poor attempt to put the phrase in a phonetic form)." Another famous chant is that of the Hari Krishnas, which was popularized by the song, musical play, and movie, all entitled Hair. This particular chant is used to fill the mind of the individual with positive thoughts, to the extent that no negative thought can exist.

These exercises are optional, I include them for you to use with your magickal friends, coven mates or someone you can trust to work with.

Exercise 1 (Chant): Group Chanting

Sit or stand in a circle.
Begin by saying the sound "ohm" and letting the "m" sound draw out.
Keep repeating the sound "ohm."
As you chant the sound, notice any changes within yourself and your environment.
This exercise can be repeated with any sound, word, or phrase. For example, you could change the vowel sounds, change the phrase "Peace, power, freedom, happiness." The list is endless. Try chanting the consonant sounds. Play around with chanting, vary the pitch, change the tempo.

Chanting can help put you into an altered state of consciousness, the in-between state where magick is worked.

When chanting in a group, it is important to remember that not everyone finds chanting to be helpful when raising energy. The external vocalization of sounds requires concentration. The raising of energy also requires concentration. The chant itself does not raise the energy but, rather, is a focus for the energy that is being funneled through the individual. Also, when chanting, for either pleasure or magickal working, all participants must be comfortable with the chant for it to have maximum benefit. Cast your thoughts back to the exercises on listening and feeling energy. Once you can sense an energy form, you can reproduce it. It is quite possible for chanting to be an external focus for some in a group, while others sense the energy flow and add to it.

Generally speaking, low-pitched sounds tend to make an individual more relaxed and therefore more likely to achieve a state of inner peace. This inner peace is very useful in raising energy. Higher-pitched sounds tend to be more energetic. Slow-tempo chanting tends to encourage a restful or peaceful state, while faster tempo chanting can produce an agitated state.

If you desire to use chanting in a group, then the individuals need to decide on a chant with which everyone is comfortable. When chanting a phrase, the phrase should have meaning to those taking part. It is also important not to "force" an individual into vocalization if that is not a method they enjoy, because this will result in a greatly diminished effect. As stated above, chanting is an external focus for manipulating energy. The internal workings of energy manipulation do not require an external focus—the external focus is there merely to assist the individual in concentration.

I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

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Re: Working With Magickal Energy
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Raising Power

There are many different ways by which to raise power. Chanting, movement/dance, vibration, playing musical instruments are all ways in which to raise power. Two of the more well-known methods are the "cone of power" and "pool of power." The energy raised during a working can be used for a specific group goal, or it can be absorbed by the group as a whole.

Exercise 1 (Raising Power): Personal Empowerment

Stand in a large circle.
One member will step into the center of the circle and state the name he/she wishes to be called by the others and the number of times to be circled by the group.
The group will begin chanting the person's name and will move clockwise around the person in the center of the circle.
As the group of individuals circle, they direct energy to the person in the center of the circle.
This continues until everyone has moved around the person the desired number of times.
At the very end, there is usually a loud clap, roar, or some other signal to indicate that the event is finished.
The process is repeated until everyone in the circle has had a turn in the center
Until the group is accustomed to this exercise, the number of circles should be limited to five or seven. Going beyond this number has a good chance of overloading the person in the center of the circle.

Exercise 2 (Raising Power): Chair Lifting

A chair is placed in the center of the circle.
One of the group members sits in the chair.
The other group members gather around the chair and place one finger beneath the chair.
The group concentrates on the idea that the chair and individual are weightless and chants "light as a feather (or some other such phrase)."
Everyone will lift the chair at the same time and hold it aloft for a few moments and then gently set it down.
This exercise can be a lot of fun. DO NOT do this exercise while sitting under a ceiling fan!—the results can be extremely surprising. Generally, the participants will be amazed at how easy it is to lift the person using only one finger.

Exercise 3 (Raising Power): Pool Of Power

A pool of power is a group effort. In this exercise, the participants will sit or stand in a circle and hold hands. One person will be designated as the "sounder." The sounder must be able to sense energy and must be able to provide an anchor for the working. The sounder will begin the passing of power and will monitor the power build. When the power has reached a level where it is still just barely contained, the sounder will call an end to the working.

The exercise can be done with either an external or internal focus, or both. An external focus could be an object to send the energy into or a phrase to chant (such as "love, peace, and happiness"). An internal focus could be the picturing of a concept or an image, such as a cup filling up.

Love Pot or "Loving Cups"

Stand or sit in a circle.
Hold hands.
Think of the desired type of energy to focus (in this example, love will be used).
Each individual will picture love energy (usually thought of as pink) filling and surrounding themselves.
The sounder will start by chanting the word "Love" and will be joined by the other participants.
The sounder will form a bundle of love energy and pass it to the person on the left.
The person on the left will receive the energy and add to it, then pass it to the person on the left.
As the energy reaches each person, the individual will take in that energy and add more to it, in turn passing it to the person on the left.
There is no limit to the number of time the energy may be passed around the circle.
The sounder will monitor the energy as it builds, possibly humming or increasing the pitch and tempo of the chant as the energy builds.
When the sounder senses that an appropriate level has been reached for all participants, he/she will signal the release.
At this point, all members will drop hands, point into the center of the circle and see the energy forming a large vat of love energy.
Each participant will then dip an imaginary (or formed) energy cup into the pot of love, draw it out, and then "drink" it.
This technique can be used for gathering any sort of energy. Generally, pools of power are used to charge items, or to provide a central store of energy for use in other workings such as healing. It can also be used to charge a working space, such as the first time a permanent circle is created. The steps in the exercise above are a guide on how to perform a pool of power. The pool of power is simply the summoning and focusing of energy for a specific goal into a centralized location.

Traditional Witchcraft Energy Teachings
By Caileah

The Cone of Power

When working successful magick, you need to generate power that builds up from the line of the Circle that you have drawn, and consecrated, and forms roughly into a cone shape above your head, enclosing you. This is both a protective barrier-keeping out all negativity-and a wall against which to build the pressure of the power until releasing it.

In a coven setting, just before starting to do the magick, the leader of the group should repeat the circle consecration as an extra sealing for reinforcement. This is especially necessary if anyone has broken the Circle by leaving and re-entering again. The Circle must be secure to contain the power that is raised. If you are working alone, you may also wish to reinforce the circle before starting to raise energy.

Depending upon the coven Tradition, some Coven work, and Hereditary Witchcraft, the magick is done after the rite of Cakes and Wine. It is during the Cakes and Wine part of the circle where the group will discuss who and/or what they will raise energy for, and how they will go about doing so. (see below for methods of raising energy). This time of discussion is helpful for everyone to know exactly what is expected of them.

Power can be raised in a variety of ways, but the basic focus is to work yourself up into a frenzy, then into a state of ecstasy or “ekstasis”. Once you have raised sufficient energy, the energy is visualized as a great swirling cone, that spirals up toward the center of the circle, or spiraling down to the object it is charging (like a talisman or potion) It is then directed at the object, or “sent out” into the atmosphere to do it’s job. You must have clarified ahead of time where the energy is being sent to, to whom it is being sent, or to what.

Forms of Raising Energy

In the Traditional Craft there are eight methods for "raising Power" for magickal work.

*blood control

The first five are pretty much standard in most Craft practice. The last three are not discussed that much because they are considered to be much more advanced techniques, and not suitable for beginners. In this lesson, we will look in depth at the first five methods. In each case there are certain methodologies and procedures that build upon each other to enable the magician to be able to "Raise Power" within ritual and for "charging" a magickal operation. Sometimes the object of the working is to get the magician into an altered state of consciousness, or ASC, that facilitates contact with the Inner Planes.

There are a number of different methods, each of them effective, and some are more advanced than others. The most common application of meditation is in "blanking
the mind". This is done to teach the aspiring magician to be able to control the will, and for mental discipline. For the sake of 'raising Power' a simple pranic breathing exercise usually works best.

The magician should sit in an upright posture, either cross legged on the floor, or in a straight backed chair with both feet planted firmly on the floor. I find it the most comfortable, to sit on a large cushion on the floor with my legs off of the cushion. This keeps your pelvis and spine straight without strain. In either the cross legged posture or the seated version the arms are lying along the thighs with the palms upwards. Breathing should be done in and out through the nose so as not to dissipate the power. The back should be kept straight in order to keep the flow of energy going smoothly.

The idea is to be able to visualize a bright light flowing up the spine with each inhalation from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. With each exhalation the bright light flows down the front of the body back to the base of the spine, making a circuit. Some people may find it easier to work with either a feeling of heat, or a tingling, or a feeling
of pressure, whatever works. The tip of the tongue should be kept placed against the roof of the mouth to ensure the smooth flow of the 'circuit'.

Some people may have problems with this, such as dizziness or headaches. In such cases it can usually be remedied by reversing the flow of the energy.

What will begin to happen, with practice and with repetition, is that the energy level within the body will begin to perceptibly rise. Most people will usually perceive this as a feeling of heat buildup- to the extent of profuse sweating. This is normal. When the magician has felt that the "energy" has built up to its maximum level, then it is "released" with focused intent to either "charge" a magickal object, or to go off to do the magician’s magickal Will.


This is deceptively easy and will be used in most Circles. However, there are a few "tricks of the trade" to make it truly effective.

For starters, all chants should be done from the diaphragm, and not the throat. This makes it easier for the magician in doing long sustained chants, and it also has more magickal 'resonance'. A simple test to see if you are chanting correctly is to hold your first two fingers to the back of your neck while chanting 'from the belly'. If you can feel the
vibration, then you are doing it correctly. You will also feel a vibration if you are chanting from the throat but it has a different 'quality'. Your voice will also not last very long in sustained chanting if you work strictly from the throat.

One theory for the 'otherworldly' quality induced by long sessions of "deep" chanting is that the vibrations induce the release of endorphins from the pituitary glands located in the brain.

One of the most common mistakes made by many beginning magicians and witches is to try and make it too complicated. An effective chant is short, simple and to the point. The reason it is effective is because the act of extended chanting will disengage the left
side of the brain, the logic center, making it easier for the right side of the brain, the intuitive center, to engage. If your focus is on trying to remember a long, complicated chant, then your logic side of the brain is going to remain dominant and nothing will

The intuitive side, sometimes called the Deep Self, is also very literal and simplistic in its approach. If a chant is too long and/or too complicated, it simply will refuse to deal with it.

Also the wording of a chant can be very crucial. If the chant is worded in the future tense, i.e. "I will be happy", the Deep Self "hears" the message but relegates it to something happening in the future, therefore it will not manifest on the Inner Planes in the here and now. A better chant would be, "I am happy". This is the same foundation that affirmations work upon. Also, avoid the use of negatives because they also tend to confuse the Deep Self and will often 'short circuit' the magick.

I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

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Re: Working With Magickal Energy
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This is an effective way to achieve A.S.C. if done properly. In shamanic work there are basically two approaches; the inward journey, and the outward journey. For inward journeys, or deep trance states, the typical rhythm used is what is often referred to
as the "heart" rhythm; a slow, steady beat of about 50 to 60 beats per minute. This is usually done by an assistant to the magician because the assistant has to pay careful attention to what is going on. When the assistant observes the magician beginning to slip into trance she or he can sometimes slow the beat even more, which will have the effect of slowing the magician’s heart rate and put the magician into a deeper trance state.

Drumming at a tempo somewhat faster rate than a normal heartbeat is usually enough to bring the magician out of the Otherworld. It is also the reason the armies of
the world use a certain cadence when soldiers are marching into battle. The quick tempo gets the heart beating faster and the adrenaline flowing.

Another method, as documented by Dr. Felicitas Goodman in her book "Where Spirits Ride the Wind", is one used by shamans to facilitate out of body experiences and
Otherworld journeys. The cadence used is around 220 to 240 beats per minute, and acts as a 'carrier' wave to transport the magician onto other planes. In Goodman's work she categorizes the types of postures used by magicians in different cultures throughout
history to attain certain mystical 'experiences'. (Notes from Lord Joshu: I would highly recommend this book to those who are interested in achieving certain shamanic states of


Dancing is one of the most ancient forms of Spiritual celebration, and is a great way to raise energy. Dancing is usually performed while holding hands in a group setting to keep everyone’s energies connected, with everyone moving deosil around the circle. When dancing either in a group, or alone, you first start out slowly with deliberate steps. You can either use particular steps, or free-style. The choice is yours. As you dance, you will move faster and faster, almost to the point where you cannot control your steps at all. Then, you (or everyone if you are in a group) will stop the dancing, and with hands still joined raise your arms high over your head, and direct the energy toward the visualized goal, object, potion, or person you wish to effect. Visualization is KEY!!!

One of the most infamous dances for circle is the Spiral Dance. This dance corresponds with the way energy moves.-in a spiral. We represent this movement, and think of it as waves of energy spiraling out of the cone of power.
To perform the dance: Begin by dancing in circle, holding hands if you are in a group, and then the Leader (priest/ess) will let go of the hand of the person in front of them, and begins to lead the dancers into a clockwise spiral. Everyone dances holding hands winding inward toward the center of the circle. When the leader reaches the center, he/she turns around and begins leading the dancers counterclockwise back out. Dancers are now passing one another, some still moving inward, and clockwise, and others moving outward and counter-clockwise, This creates a great deal of energy and exuberance as people laugh and smile as they dance around. (be careful not to crash into one another!) : )
When the entire circle of dancers has unwound back out and is moving counterclockwise around the circle, the leader again turns around and begins moving and leading the dancers back into a clockwise movement, dancing around the circle parameter. When everyone is back into circle and moving clockwise, energy can now be directed toward the specific goal.
One of the most important steps in dance for energy raising is to push though the first wave of exhaustion and try to find new energy to draw upon- you will be surprised what you are capable of!


Ritual is one of the most powerful acts of energy raising we can perform as Witches. The very act of consecrating and casting the circle, and invoking the Gods to be with you in circle is a wondrous thing! When we step between the Worlds, we create a sacred world where we can interact with Deity. We are the creators and this act empowers us to be more than we once were.

Exercise For Raising A Cone of Power

Cast a Level 1 base circle. Choose a form of energy to work with. Chose a goal to work toward. As you are raising energy, feel it and see it rising from you in a deosil spiral that spins upward through and around and above the circle. It may appear, or you can visualize it, as white, gold, blue, or other colored light, depending on what you are raising power for. A general one to practice with is peace and white light. You can never send out too much peace and harmony into the world.

Feel the energy moving through you and from you, see it swirling into a cone above the center of the circle. With practice, you will be able to feel the energy build into a crescendo, and as it peaks, shout a one word affirmation of your goal, or “Now!” and raise your hands up and send the energy shooting out from you into the spiral, which spins off to accomplish your goal. Visualize your goal as being accomplished and act in accordance with your goal-knowing it has reached it’s destination.

Now is the time to ground using whatever grounding technique that you like best. Eat and Drink something as well.

Caileah’s BOS
Lord Johsu- Coven of Danu HP
Wicca for Life, Raymond Buckland
The Witches Bible Janet and Stuart Farrar

Human Energy Field and Aura

Much has been written about the energy of living things, but there is little scientific evidence. The energy field surrounding living things is difficult or impossible to measure using current scientific techniques. However, science and spirituality are on a convergent course. Eventually, we will have instruments that can reflect an individual's state of balance. When we turn the corner from science, we must consider the universal characteristics of energy. Quantum physics states that energy and matter are interchangeable and the String Theory suggests that differences in physical matter are simply variations in energy vibrations. In a similar fashion, each human is composed the divine energy of the Soul in the form of body, thought, and spirit. Energy does not emanate or reflect from a person, the energy is the person, the core. This understanding is fundamental to maintaining your energy field and body in harmony. Since the body is a manifestation of human energy, dis-harmony in the energy field will cause dis-ease in the body. If the human energy field is out of balance, the body will be out of balance.

"Do you remember how electrical currents and 'unseen waves' were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy."
Albert Einstein

The Personality - composed of the high self, conscious self, and basic self
The Basic Self is part of the subconscious that controls the memory and body functions. The body has its own natural intelligence, but we can put other information into that intelligence. The Basic Self is your life-force and must take care of the body's fundamental needs. Here you find a person's beliefs. It is our survival instinct and provides energy according to how we structure our beliefs and make our choices. It is loyal though non-creative and contains our family patterns, social norms and mores, an archetypal pattern of our destiny, our inner child, the seat of body intelligence, and the will to survive. Its job is to maintain the status quo. In other words, the Basic Self has assimilated the beliefs developed through our life span and believes we will die if we change them. The reality of the Basic Self is habit and its self-will fights changes in habit. It will, however, respond to our authority and yield to any transformation that facilitates the actualization of our destiny if it knows what to do. Basic Self is under the authority of Conscious Self and can lie to you if your consciousness doesn’t want to know the truth. Many people have more than one Basic Self - such as male-female, play-persistent, young-old - which give different perspectives. A person who wants to control people has split off their higher consciousness to put their Basic Self in control.
The Conscious Self is our waking life and creates new awareness. It is creative and innocent until a choice is placed into action. Its function is to be the vanguard of new experience and here we make choices and gain skill. As we grow in awareness and spiritual illumination, we extend the Conscious Self and become increasingly able to live in the awareness of the High Self and be conscious of the dynamics of the Basic Self. It mediates all three selves.
Another part of the unconscious is the High Self. It relates like guardian angle, colleague, and counselor. It is not soul, but soul-like. High Self can’t work when there is low self-esteem. In our personality, the High Self is a spiritual consciousness that is our higher nature. From a practical standpoint, it can function as our guides, soul, and connection to God. It is the energy of life and form and is creative and non-inflictive. The High Self exists as a spiritual form in our personal consciousness which is always in contact with Spirit. When I use the word Spirit, it is the Holy Spirit and refers to forces beyond our personal domain. The High Self is within our personal domain and as a spiritual expression it follows the same procedures as any spiritual agent in that it responds to requests. It guides us in our destiny. You might say it is an agent of our soul. It works closely with the Conscious Self and Basic Self. As the guardian angel, it links us with our soul, the universe, and the High Self of others. Because the High Self exists in a spiritual dimension, it cannot violate anyone or anything. Even if the High Self has better wisdom, it will not supersede our conscious choice unless we ask it to.
The Soul is your essential divine nature plus experience. Soul is a coherent, intentional system, fulfilling its nature. It is God individualized as you and carries your real ideals and commitments, and gives character to your conscience. This divine energy is formless, timeless, and eternal.

"There are grounds for cautious optimism that we may now be near the end of the search for the ultimate laws of nature."
Stephen W. Hawking

Aura is a traditional term for the protective psychic and spiritual energy fields that surround and penetrate the physical body. Historically, artists depict halos around the heads of individuals to denote their spirituality. Biblically, writers refer to the raiment or countenance of light in an attempt to describe the field of spiritual energy around angels, men, and women. It is from this invisible atmosphere that we receive our first impression of people. We use common-sense terms such as blue mood, red with anger, green with envy, full of energy, or radiant beauty. Such terms are similar to how individuals with spiritual sight describe the aura. From this intuitive nature, we form impressions and experience emotions and feelings regarding them and ourselves. Quantum physics describes the universe as energy. Psychology, Eastern therapy, and complementary medicine have terms for life as energy. Yoga psychology views the aura as an energy field surrounding the body, interacting through spiritual and psychological levels via structures called chakras. So we may conclude that the aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body. It encircles each of us as the sun's rays encircle the sun or the halo that surrounds the moon. The appearance of the aura, whether attractive or repulsive, depends on one's physical health, mental attitudes, and spiritual development. The human aura is a dynamic matrix that includes the physical, emotional, and mental-spiritual aspects of self. The aura is the self as energy. All the contributing factors in our daily life register in our aura as colors, lines, dots, emanations, and vibrations. Every one of us is different, and our hidden selves are expressed through the aura. Those individuals who live on a strictly physical, mental, and material level have an entirely different emanation than those individuals who are intellectual and spiritual.

"...the sense of being which in calm hours arises, we know not how, in the soul, is not diverse from things, from space, from light, from time, from man, but one with them and proceed obviously from the same source... Here is the fountain of action and of thought... We lie in the lap of immense intelligence."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Aura and Noetic Field
To the ancient Greeks, the mind is a spiritual faculty. Nous is their term for the intentional, purposeful intelligence that controls and orders the world of matter. Nous emerges from the void as the wind of spirit or the first emanating spirit of creation. Noetic derives from nous and is the structure of perception and understanding in our experience of that relationship or correlation between nous and form. The noetic field is an interacting psycho-spiritual energy that has an implicit intelligence and knows how to interrelate and synchronize with all elements within that coherent system. We are a microcosmic or personal noetic field, and the universe is a macrocosmic noetic field. The noetic field is a sustaining, nurturing, intelligent life field that is universally present. This field can be compared with grace, dharma, nirvana, and heaven. As noetic beings, we have the capacity to generate a noetic field and, by doing so, interface with the universal noetic field.
The psycho-spiritual structure that we call personality forms an energy field or noetic matrix around the physical body. Ancients called this the human aura. The aura has a degree of materiality or substance (a body) that is localized around a person. It is held together in much the same way as the physical body, by the presence of self.

Auric Levels
It is generally believed that he human aura has seven major levels. The physical and etheric levels extend about six inches to a foot from the physical body. The imaginal and emotional auric levels extend about two feet from the body and incorporate the physical and etheric levels. The mental, archetypical, and spiritual auras extent approximately three feet from the body and incorporate the other levels.
The archetypal aura contains the map of our destiny. It is like a template, things you must do. In your growth you need to learn something. You are given as many experiences as you need to learn. It can be one or a hundred, all the same to the template. It's like going home - you can go many ways and have many experiences, but you get home and thus satisfy your template.
When reflected outside of us, we see the archetypes as the temples of gods. When internalized, these archetypes are the angels of destiny, the gods that dwell inside us. As life-long learning, our destiny is synonymous with our Soul's curriculum. We came into physical life with an internal, archetypical lesson plan. The archetypical level is in our subconscious.
The spiritual aura reflects our transcendent nature into our psychological, social, and physical realities. It reflects and responds to the balance and alignment of all levels. The balancing energy acts as wholeness and moves through the chakras and levels as a process of breathing. Each of the other levels provides a conduit for spiritual energy. As the aura becomes balanced, the spiritual level becomes more evident.
Through our mental aura and mentality, we construct our relationship to our destiny, karma, and inner life. It reflects our beliefs, concepts, and attitudes. Though feelings and emotions are often keys to our beliefs, our mental activity decides what we will build as our internal structure, and how we project ourselves into life. We shape our reality with our minds. Our mind is the constructor, the builder. It reflects our associative ability through which we internalize and develop our integrative learning and personality. This level is also dissociative and reflects the constraints that divide us from and within ourselves and from each other. Mental heath or mental illness is reflected in this level.
The emotional aura carries the artifacts of our feelings and emotional reactions and actions. It registers our fulfillment, longs for peace, and reflects our warmth, devotion, and what we care about. Emotions give rise to our beliefs and judgments and the impetus to pursue our vision. The emotional aura reflects an aspect of our dharma or causal body (the force that determines and sets causation into our lives). It is balanced through powerful, universally oriented, non-manipulative, unconditional loving. It is the source of our drive for power and dominance, and powers our adversarial and competitive nature. The emotional aura is also the source of passion and the total embracing, loving heart that heals and forgives. It is our peacemaker.
The imaginal aura is the medium through which we create and transform our circumstances. This aura can be developed as a function of perception or inner-seeing and creativity. Intention, positive self-image, visual learning, visualization and healing, manifestation and success are generated and reflected in this level. Used integratively, it is a power force for connecting, integrating, and aligning all levels. Used dissociatively, the imaginal level can be devastating. Delusions and obsessions are generated through and reflected in this auric level. It is affected by drugs that create forms in the aura that are disconnected from the authentic processes of creativity. Drugs disconnect you from the ability to complete, fulfill, or enhance the soul's purposes. They effectively help us avoid life and the challenges and rewards that our soul is destined to fulfill.
The etheric aura is a blueprint or archetype for the physical body. It creates and maintains the body form. Meridians and chakras appear in this formation. The etheric body or double acts as a template for the physical body and appears as an energy matrix. It is described in chi-gung as meridians that transmit chi to the body. Balance and alignment of the aura affect the meridians and their functioning. If the energy of the etheric-double is blocked or out of balance, the physical body will reflect this. The meridians interact with the organs and the chakras interact with the endocrine system and nerves.
The physical aura reflects physical trauma, cell memory, physical health, and physiological beliefs and emotions. It penetrates the physical and etheric bodies and reflects the state of the energy fields. In balance, it can accommodate enhanced forces deeper in the psyche.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystical. It is the source of all true art and science." - Albert Einstein
I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

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I unify in order to enlighten
Attracting life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

Beyond The Door Lays A New Path For Us On Our Jorney...........One Day We'll See Our Fate In