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The seven-formula of magic
« on: December 16, 2006, 07:42:32 PM »
Citation :
copenhagen qabalah
spiritual technology lab

The seven-formula of magic


All kinds of healing and magic work in the same way: The healer-magician enters a state of meditative excitement, calls upon cosmic powers for protection and help, and visualizes or simulates the desired results while "seeing" and trusting that it happens. In qabalistic magic the involved powers are clothed in the symbolism of western culture and religion, but the process is universal. Therefore, the following seven steps are involved in all rituals of healing magic, including traditional forms of prayer:*

1. unselfish vision

Clarify your goals and personal motives until you are able to visualize in detail in which way the world will be perfected when your goal has been achieved and you are certain that you have an unselfish agenda. Selfish rituals where only lower intelligences are involved is not only black magic and dangerous but will also attract significantly less energy than white magic which is rooted in God.*

2. time and place

Find the best time and space for the specific ritual. Sunrise, sunset, noon, midnight are turning points with a high energetic intensity. Some geographical places posess similar qualities and can be located in nature as well as in populated areas. The central geographical point of the ritual should be located precisely where the energy is centered and peaks in intensity. Remember: Time and place is an illusion that is subject to magic, so with intention you can always decide which time and place is right - here and now, for instance.*

3. the altar

Turn the chosen ground for the ritual into an altar - the antenna for the reception of cosmic forces. This is a significant difference between simple visualization and truly magical work - that forces are represented not only in the mind of the magician but also by physical objects, sound, smell, colours, symbols, costumes etc. The objects should correspond to the intelligences involved in the ritual. Qabalah provides the magician with a framework for selecting a balanced mix of powers and finding correspondances that will work with your subconscious.*

4. concentration and protection

Hygiene is of great importance to any laboratory incuding the magician's. Personal and outside thoughts and emotions are irrelevant to the magic act of will and must be silenced by any kind of meditation or The Oabalistic Cross. The energy system of the magician must be put under survelliance of the higher self (the soul) and preferably a god-aspect in order to be aligned with cosmic law - e.g. the god-name of the Sephirah which is the ritual's primary source of energy. A safe ground for operation, a magic circle, must be established, cleansed and protected with the involvement of divine forces - e.g. by performance of The Lesser Pentagram Ritual.*

5. invocation of powers

Next step is invoking or evoking power that will help you. Invocation means calling up a power or godform within you while evocation takes place outside of your aura. Invocation is done by holding the image and the name of the power in consciousness and 'enflaming' yourself through dramatizing the godform in acting, music, dance and words, e.g. mantras or the name of the godform. There is no change or persistance taking place in the universe except by the will of God. But the diverse pantheons of world religions indicate an extensive delegation and division of labor, structured by human culture and imagination. The qabalistic Tree of Life is an attempt to create a universal map of powers mirroring the 'family structures' of divinity, the angelic realms, etc. Any Deity represents a personification of a certain type of energy. Always invocate powers that balance and complement each other, e.g. the archangels related to the four elements / directions. Intention is more important than pronounciation, so choose powers that you feel connected with.*

6. active imagination of results

The result must now be i*magi*ned. Again, by visualization, mimic, dance, mantras - any act that will magnetically attract the desired result into being. The healer-magician has tuned into the right channel if the imaginative stream seems to be evolving by a dynamic of its own and is acompanied by an intensive current of energy through the entire magic circle. Anything can be healed: People, animals, plants, objects, events, regardsless of their geographical or temporal location.*

If the ritual is about healing the body or the mind of somebody, start by filling the body with intense white light, beginning at the top of the skull. Then scan through the body with your inner visualizing powers and simply change what you see as needing to be repaired or cleaned. End by refilling with white light.*

Your scanning can also use a more systematic approach: Visualize the entire tree of life within the body of the healee, check and heal each of the sephiroth by vibrating their godnames, archangels and angel choirs into them. Heal the paths between them by vibrating the hebrew letter until each path is clean and open for energy.*

Or - typical in systems of chakra healing - you can check each of the seven chakras, beginning with the root chakra working upwards. Vibrate the sound of each chakra and clean it until it is shining its 'traditional' colour: "LAM"/red for root, "VAM"/orange for hara, "RAM"/yellow for solar plexus, "YAM"/green for heart, "HAM"/sky blue for throat, "OM"/indigo for pineal, "AUM"/purple or white for crown.*

Download a printable version in A4 (jpg or powerpoint format)*

7. closing the ritual

Only magicians' apprentices will forget to close a ritual. Thank all invoked powers in the opposite order that they were invoked and select a closing gesture - e.g. The Qabalistic Cross. Preferable any ritual shoul have its final unification in Eheieh, the godname of Kether, as Dion Fortune puts it: "Energy derived from any other source is a limited and partial energy (...) because here we touch the upwelling force arising from the Great Unmanifest, the reservoir of limitless power" *
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