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Title: Operation Archangel
Post by: Jake McGuff on November 04, 2012, 05:43:45 PM
Hey everyone,
Jake's here...

I decided to start this thread, because I am collecting (or trying hard to find, which is more precise)) information about Operation Archangel. I know that it involves a) UK government; b) religious organizations; c) a girl that went missing last year; d) possibly, aliens.

I am here hoping to figure all this out and to find connection between these four...

So, I first got to know about Operation Archangel in connection with UK government that started this mysterious Operation Archangel...Nobody knows about it, but some information leaked (thanks to British hackers! One of them, Gary McKinnon is now in jail!!!) and those, who were able to access McKinnon's information, learned that Operation Archangel was created to control religious organizations.

Now - how is all this connected to Emily Turner? There is the site on the web that provides some information about her and a HUUGE reward!!! I am asking myself: why is it sooo big?? (it is 6 mln!!!!)
And here is one more detail: when Emily disappeared, she was pregnant.
Some people (from Wikifess (you can just google it, if you need to check them out) - and I don't know if these people can be trusted, but at this moment they are the ones who provided info about leaked materials) believe that Emily was helped to escape from a forced abortion.

Last week Wikifess published information about McKinnon's arrest and his testimony (quoted from "Something that I’ve been tasked with looking into are leaks and papers referring to ‘Operation Archangel’ – which it’s possible could be related to the British government’s involvement with UFOs." "Could Gary McKinnon’s denial of extradition be because he saw something, even though he may not have known what it was he saw, that was linked with this?" (

Now, how are these connected? My wild guess is that the UK government were hiding the fact of their communication with UFOs who abducted a girl, Emily Turner. That is how she got pregnant and that is why there is such a huge reward for her!!! Because it is sponsored by government who could not let the girl run away with an alien baby!!!!!!!!!!! They wanted to perform an abortion on her, but she was helped by catholic priests (OR somebody else connected to church, since we all know HOW church looks at abortions!!!). They probably knew that the abortion was ordered by government, that is why these people are now on the run. And that is why the government created Operation Archangel to find them and Emily!!!! And to kill her baby!!!

What do you think?? Has anyone seen anything online?? 

There is a discussion about Operation Archangel at GodlikeProductions...If someone knows this forum, you might wanna check it out, it might clarify something for those who interested...

And I also found one video today...It doesn't explain much, just intrigue you more...However, this is the most current piece of information that I have...Again, for those who are interested in this, it can be found on Youtube - "A Second Son - State Witness Clip."

Any info will be appreciated!!

Title: Re: Operation Archangel
Post by: Jake McGuff on November 11, 2012, 03:38:22 PM
Well, it is easy to say "fake", Jake, but it is also a bit disrespectful, I think. If you really don't have anything to say (which is clearly the case), you should not say anything at all.

I know that Operation Archangel is something that interests me and I am looking for more info about it. I've been posting questions about OA on different sites, but not so many people know about it. So, again, if you have questions - please post them here, if you don't - just read another thread.

I was able to find some more information from The theory is now that Emily Turner was not abducted by ALIENS (which was my original theory), but was impregnated with genetically-engineered embrio to be a first person on Earth to produce a clone in a natural way.

That was done under a government's secret services supervision, but the whole plan went awry when Emily ran away with the baby. The reward on the site with her information (pictures and videos provided) was INCREASED last week to 25 million!!!! It is either a joke or some serious sh*t, people...

Whoever is interested can conduct their own research and see how interesting this thing is...If I am right about the clone thing, it could be the most terrifying invention of contemporary world!!! The question is - would it be used for good or for bad?...

Jake MG
Title: Re: Operation Archangel
Post by: jordyn on November 14, 2012, 08:26:33 AM
hmmmm...a government covering up some conspiracy relating to aliens, religion or even a moon landing?

never heard of such a thing!!!  :P

but i'm from america and everyone knows we have the most honest of governments with no religious affiliations. 

Title: Re: Operation Archangel
Post by: Jake McGuff on November 18, 2012, 10:38:48 AM
hey jordyn, I am from Austin, TX:))) I mean why can't you just give a thought that a government CAN be covering up these stuff?? I mean, people cannot possibly know everything..Every year, millions of dollars get stolen and then it turns out that some high ranked politician just put an exact same amount on his/her account in Sweden...Hm?

So, why not think that there may be something that we just don't know about? And how about all those UFO documentaries and classified US documents about preparing for UFO contact?? OR - how do you explain perfect circles on corn fields???????? That's something that exists for sure and you can't deny it.

I agree that an alien baby or "new" Jesus coming might SEEM a little silly :-), BUT I actually discovered some news about Emily's story and there are no aliens involved, but religious extremists. On their site they offer a reward for Emily AS WELL. Here is the video where they are asking people to help find her (but what do THEY need from her????)

I don't know, I don't know...
Title: Re: Operation Archangel
Post by: jordyn on November 18, 2012, 03:57:17 PM
It was actually sarcasm, being from united states too and it being regarded as one of the least trust worthy nations by a majority of the world, it was attempting to point out that i wouldn't be surprised that it was an actual situation evolving...

We can discuss all sorts of conspiracies, but here it's mostly about religion, conspiracies is up a board or two, i believe, unless they're religious based. I'm a knights of Templar sort of girl, not too fond of the Illuminati theories though.

welcome to monstrous religion.  ;)

Title: Re: Operation Archangel
Post by: Jake McGuff on November 25, 2012, 09:14:25 PM
Hey jordyn, sorry, didnt get your sarcasm at first:-P
Well, I wouldn't say "the least trust worthy nation in the world", that's too much^&))))))))))))))) haha

Knights of Templar, huh? Have you read Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum? I got a chance to read it a couple of years ago and for quite some time was obsessed with Templars:) A great read, you should def check it out!! And I assume you probably read Brown's books....:)

So yeah, getting back to my topic, Operation Archangel IS connected with religion (SOMEHOW - that is what I am trying to figure out!!!). The site, which is believed to be created by British hackers ( released the news about the missing girl Emily that she WAS a fake front covering for a proper run of Operation Archangel (well, this is my theory though). And Operation Archangel was launched in order to control religious organizations/groups in the UK.

I was wondering is this is something allowed by law (freedom of religion and stuff???)...

And also there is another site - - did I mention it before?? - so, they were looking for Emily as well, so now I have no idea if they are a fake front as well!!!!!!! Holy.....

Maybe they represent those religious groups that were - what? mistreated by UK government - I don't know:)))

Whoever has an opinion, an assumption or just wants to chat - reply:)))