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Title: deliverance...
Post by: bridigid on December 27, 2008, 07:38:13 PM
let me explain my story of being delivered...
and it's effect on me.

I was raised Christian (though I consider myself such no longer) so when I could not only deny and live with what was going on around as well as to me and my children, I went to the church.

The first time I even considered I could find help there, was through someone I met on a different forum. After a long time disclosing events that has gone on through my life, my encounters with entities and assaults seeming BY them and still had not lost my Faith, he decided all around me everything was demonic.He worked with the Vatican on certain things THIS side of the ocean, reports and cleaning up messes people made summoning demons in ignorance and shocked by the outcome.So he was OFFICIAL. He tried to save me, until he could go through the proper channels for an exorcism. But when things got bad, which came in the form of an attack he said was from me, I was now Evil in his eyes, beyond helping and even redemption.

So, now with me feeling even worse(about him being attacked, then being sited as the cause), I fed the energy around me plenty, so things even got further out of hand in my daily life.Even someone NOT a precog can probably see where this goes...

I get tossed around various "investigators" who are "respected", but can not in the end with this kind of thing, attacks from the UNSEEN, back off getting themselves out of the line of fire, so to speak...more stirring the pot I was living in.

The point where I went back to the church, this time the one I grew up in, came after a new kind of assault. Not the at home private kind, but this time in public. In the  view of others but with no one close enough to be said to be the blame.There is all kinds of ugliness of that night and into the next morning I never care to go into but I will say I fled my them boyfriends place half dressed, one shoe and luckily my keys after being told in a very loud way to get my self home by something that yelled directly in my head.

I went that very morning, interrupted bible study, in a quite a state. I was led back to the office where I was prayed for, and given communion (very painful). In the end where absolution is given in the names of the Triune God, the Pastor only got to "in the Name of the Father, the....". He got pale. stuttered. Looked like he was struggling to speak. But he could not.

so, I was sent to a sister church who was said to be acquainted with this sort of thing, and even then I was optimistic.I had a deliverance done, where I had to confess basically every wrong doing out loud and in front of the devout. The the laying on hands...I did feel lighter after but I did not understand why until later. I scheduled a cleansing and blessing of my house.

On the day they came, they drove by my house 3 times with me waving as they drove by trying to get their attention, but eventually they did arrive.WE all went through the processes of the work being done, but after I fully understood that they were not going to be able to help, I got pissed. For right in front of them, while saying the house was clean was the entity. I barely could maintain composure until they finally left.

In the end I realised a few things.
First, the healing was done basically by a form of psychic vampires. After the healing, and the rest was done and in the past I realised while I could still sense where the entities were, I could not  see them any longer.This did wear off but what I know as my internal alarm system was taken. The auras came back, like all my other abilities eventually did.

Where as some of the faith might have been able to rid some spiritual issues, they did not have the power from God or any other deities to help me.

I had been screwed. I was raised in a weak religion at the very least, trained to believe in a reality that my senses never agreed with, was called evil by men of God,and in all ways not even close to being prepared for the Path I walk.

I was delivered...of my faith in a faulty religion.
Title: Re: deliverance...
Post by: Moloch on December 27, 2008, 08:10:02 PM
Always nice to find someone who has come to their senses. Congratulations, you're one of the proud few.
Title: Re: deliverance...
Post by: Amaya on December 27, 2008, 09:44:50 PM
It makes me sad to read your story because I can see parallels of my own life. It's not as severe but I had a time with churches too.

I moved churches right when I entered middle school and my abilities awoke. I tried to hide them and ignore them because I was afraid. When I tried to tell one of the church members, I was severely rebuked. I closed up about it after than. I tried harder to ignore it but the abilities got stronger. My abilities were mostly natural so others soon sensed them, even with my poor cover ups. It got bad after that. The kids my age were the worst. The situation eventually escalated to them throwing rocks at me outside while screaming, "Witch! Satanist!" The adults stayed out of the situation and most were clueless. The hatred of the people involved was so bad that the energy from their hate is still oozing all over the place. Unfortunately, I still have to go there every week because my family still has no clue what went on there or why I feel so scared to walk in the doors.

I'm sorry you had to go through what you did. You and I aren't alone either. There are many who have very similar stories. I just wish that people wouldn't have to suffer for no reason. It's disheartening....
Title: Re: deliverance...
Post by: Mr. Kreepy on December 27, 2008, 10:30:51 PM
It's odd to me to read the stories of people who started to break free of the disgusting chains and shackles of religion through some traumatic emotional experience, because my experience with that was much more mundane.
I was raised in a very religious home, with a very abusive father. Some might suggest my hatred of religion might stem from my father using religion as a justification for his abuse, but they'd be wrong. I never equated what my old man did with religion. I knew it was simply because he was a farkin' lunatic.
No, my own personal "fall from grace" was extremely mundane. I figured out that a lot of the mathematical errors and scientific errors in the bible point to it being nothing more than the superstitions of primitive savages. In addition to that, upon doing research and learning that it's quite easy to see the progression and creation of the beliefs in ancient cultures, any faith I might have had left was shattered because we can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the when, where, and who of the invention of a religion. With such a mundane, mortal thing tainting the "magic" of religion, I would be a fool to continue to believe.
I was 9 when I figured this s**t out.

I gotta say, bridgid, I can only imagine an experience like yours that is rife with negative emotions and difficulties from the darker aspects of religion. You're one strong person to make it through all that without going insane.
Title: Re: deliverance...
Post by: Earthling on December 28, 2008, 09:47:38 AM
Bridigid, you must be one really special and strong soul to get out of it alive.
Title: Re: deliverance...
Post by: bridigid on December 28, 2008, 10:16:49 AM

Bridigid, you must be one really special and strong soul to get out of it alive.

Thank you, Earthling...
living through all I have is probably the only way I WOULD have found that in my core I am
strong, formidable.
There is a reason for all this I am sure,
 although I, at this point, do not see it yet.

Title: Re: deliverance...
Post by: Earthling on December 28, 2008, 10:37:14 AM
One day you will, Im sure. Nothing happens without a reason.