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Title: The Greater Community
Post by: KillFast on June 02, 2009, 04:20:19 PM
Hello, everyone

              Well hello everyone I am here today to talk about the greater community and the threat on our planet that calls us to emerge into this greater community.

So what is the greater community? The greater community is The collective of intelligent life in the universe to put it simply. It is a grand collection of different beings who have excelled intellectually and have either emerged into a realm of vastly advanced technology or has given up on that and reached the level of 'higher science'. Both types of civilization are accepted in the greater community but of course like any division there are discrepancies/ disagreements towards the others method. 'Higher science' is the infinite knowledge of spirituality and the perfect connection between a being of any race and the creator and is one of the two paths available to a race in the greater community of intelligent life. Now you may ask why only two paths? Well that is because in order to survive as a power you must prosper and in order to do so you must advance and progress into a race of divine spirituality or advanced technology. Higher sciences are not known of in this world and neither is advanced technology and so humanity is at a crossroads where a choice must be made.

An important point to bring up now would be why do we need to emerge into the greater community especially if we are not ready as a race to do so? And the answer is necessity, you see the earth is in a very turbulent state at the moment that exists in our perception of linear time. And I am not talking about any specific issue because each one is a contributor to what is happening which is best stated as an intervention. You see as most of us have come to accept the earth has been visited by being from outside earth, and this has been happening for a long time. However the visitors on our planet now are not the kind that helped us advance so long ago. These visitors are here for there own interests and not for a positive purpose. They are here for our planet. Now before you go and start assuming read closely. They are not here to dominate simply to persuade. They are small in number and have no intention of harming anyone/ anything in fact they believe that by their ethics they are not harming, nor doing a wrong they simply believe that we are deteriorating our environment and are not fit to be in the greater community. Now the relevance for us here is that because of their beliefs they will persuade our race to become a dominion of them and we will live in a prosperous society outside of worry and we will continue down our road of materialism and we will be happy and they will be the kindest of leaders the earth has ever known. But there is evil among these claims for however true they may be and trust me they are true, we will be handing over our freedom and our planet without realizing it. They will manipulate earth for its resources and should it ever falter they will leave us to die. They care not for us but for their own necessity. Because earth is a very rare planet in this universe, most planets that are inhabited in this universe are barren but technology has made it possible to live in those regions. Earth is gem, a diamond in the rough it is a place where bio evolution may take place and it is rich with resource and our planet may very well be in a place of tactical importance as well. This is our advantage and also our weakness however it may be utilized for our salvation. Because they can only persuade all that needs to be said to them is NO and they will be forced to leave, and so you may think well big deal tell them no and let me get back to my life but things don't work that easily. It is unfortunate for us that the presence on this planet is one of great influence and so they have targeted the most important people generally being political/ religious leaders. They have the ability to quench the ever simplistic desires of mankind and can easily tempt and destroy the faith/ resistance/ determination of man with their abilities. SO in order to stand up for humanity humanity must become strong of will and not allow temptation to falter his mind. This is easier said than done. For this to happen a greater community spirituality/ wisdom/ and awareness must be applied by at least 10% of our total populace and because we are above 10 billion people we are talking at least 1 billion. The nations will have to unite and politic/ ethical/ moral/ religious/ and other personal differences must be put aside. Never before has humanity been needed to do so much in such a short period of time for we may only have 5-15 years left. It occurs to me that this statement is a lot to take in and is quite unbelievable but I urge you to look within yourself tap into the well of knowledge that is your SOUL and see the truth of these words. If we allow ourselves to become enslaved by these beings we will most likely never see the greater community which is a great loss to both sides for the G.C. could greatly benefit from humanity vice- versa and although we are warlike and weak in spirit/ will now I believe humankind can unite and become what God intended for us to be and that my friends is a hard thing to conjure up in words. Human kind is split by preference and so once emerged into the G.C. we will stand divided and we will spread out some will find other communities where they find fulfillment and others will remain here to become spiritually evolved and once this great threshold is crossed we will then focus on crossing from the material plane into the spiritual for those who seek to unite once again with our ancient creator.
Title: Re: The Greater Community
Post by: mat789 on June 02, 2009, 09:14:55 PM
my question to u my good friend is why 5-15 you said we are war like people if say they do take over as soon as a bunch of us find out and what i mean a bunch of us is 1 000 000 why can't we make them leave through force which i think should be a last resort.

just to add on to what killfast is saying i think we should learn to become impartial to to martialistic things and that way if the invaders were to try to take over by promiseing wealth and whiches and act as if they were the good guys we can turn em down flat also meditiation is in opinion key to raising a humans spiritality it really relaxs me and i find im more calm and focused.

To surrive in the greater community we must find what the invaders are looking for that way in the greater community we can use it to are advantages because im sure their is lots of trading of resources between races, another point that fits in to both of my paragraphs is that we need my research in are social sciences as well as science that way as i said in the begging of the paragraph so that we can find what they want and social science so that because we can fight off their ability of perswasion i don't know about you but i want to make my own decisions.

if we do these things especially being more spirtial, it will impress the greater community and we will be invited in and we as a humanity will gain massive knowledge and probably more technoligy but the important part is staying non- materialistic.

you may call me a hiporcric because obviously i have an i-pod and cell phone but not having those is not being materialistic its the purpose and how you make your self feel when they break. it assounds me how my cell phone still works after droping it 5x but the point is not to freak its as simple as kicking a soccer ball, it gets muddy and has cleat marks but no one gets upset.
Title: Re: The Greater Community
Post by: KillFast on June 03, 2009, 02:44:08 PM
good points mat789 but I urge you to read the new message so that you understand things better also try re watching the briefings because the more times you watch them the better your understandings will be im happy you have taken an interest in the new message but remember that any religious sanctions you may have involved your life in before hearing the message is important to hold on to because it is the advancement of modern religion that will give us such hope and prosperity in the universe contrary to what some believe the message strongly supports all religions all that it asks is that you apply greater community wisdom/ understanding/ and knowledge (spirituality) to your beliefs so they can survive.

Title: Re: The Greater Community
Post by: oldbill4823 on June 03, 2009, 03:05:36 PM
err how much of this stuff did you copy and paste, as opposed to writing yourself?

I ask because i am interested in reading about your experiences and ideas but have no desire to read large blocks of text on this written by someone else.

I see large blocks of text i turn off. Maybe its just me, though an immense divine all knowing voice tells me to doubt it.
Title: Re: The Greater Community
Post by: KillFast on June 03, 2009, 06:34:17 PM
I wrote it all myself actually and if it is the case that you disagree then I invite you to challenge that. I am sorry it turns you off but with matters delicate like this I have to type out large pieces of understanding or else people will not get the whole idea. I have written what I have gotten in my mind (my interpretation) of what I have read and heard between the allies of humanity briefings and the new message as well as a personal contact with Marshall Vian Summers.

It is important to read it all if you are interested but if text isn't your style I invite you to listen to the allies of humanity briefings that can be found on the new message site or through youtube probably if you type in allies of humanity briefing 1 part 1
Title: Re: The Greater Community
Post by: oldbill4823 on June 05, 2009, 03:22:17 PM
ok i have some questions

have you ever seen these visitors that you speak of?
If so tell us more about the experience.

Are you someone who in your own words has achieved perfect connection with the creator?
or are you in the other camp someone who has emerged into a realm of vastly advanced technology?

You talk about becoming strong of will and not giving in to Temptation.
What do YOU actually mean by temptation?
Title: Re: The Greater Community
Post by: KillFast on June 05, 2009, 07:48:55 PM
I will answer your questions

No, I have not seen or made contact with the visitors... yet
the experience I speak of is something that is not my place to explain
No, to achieve a perfect connection would mean complete faith and the forgetting of humanities tendencies which I am not yet at in terms of stages
again no I havent, but do not misunderstand these are routes for HUMANITY in the greater comunity once we emerge into it
What I mean by temptations is that the visitors could satisfy every desire you have or create the illusion of it, and so they can reach so far down to the core of human greed, so we must become strong in will and know that desires may be sought later and we must not give in

I am here to spark interest in the new message, however please understand that in attempts to keep the message strong and undiluted as much as possible you must watch the briefings and read the new message yourself in order to truly understand, your soul will reveal the answers not me and you will understand better once you do as I have stated (watch the briefings of the allies of humanity, and read the new message)
Title: Re: The Greater Community
Post by: Milanee on June 06, 2009, 03:18:52 AM
What I mean by temptations is that the visitors could satisfy every desire you have or create the illusion of it, and so they can reach so far down to the core of human greed, so we must become strong in will and know that desires may be sought later and we must not give in

It has always been like that. Jesus as well was offered with all he pleased, and he refused. That problem is nothing new to humans. Only the devil will show one of his many faces, nothing else.

Those creatures you speak of never left Earth. They stayed here to rule from the shadows and manipulate over for thousands of years.

One question: why do you think you are so special that someone not so good is not channeling through you? Why such certainty in your own holiness ?
Title: Re: The Greater Community
Post by: oldbill4823 on June 06, 2009, 04:48:06 AM
So what are your temptations then killfast? What is at your core that you secretly want satisfied?

Ever wondered about wanting to be special in some way?
Isn't that one of the biggest temptaions to fight against?
Title: Re: The Greater Community
Post by: KillFast on June 06, 2009, 01:07:57 PM
um a couple of things

hmm well to answer the question of desires i would have to say that my only temptation would be to have my energy run ability magnified so that instead of just feeling the force of reasonance on my hands when I do quantum touch or reiki I could instead create a visible field, seems epic lol