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Life deep underground
« on: July 07, 2003, 04:25:31 PM »
Two scientists believe they have found evidence of intelligent life deep inside the Earth.

Omar Hesse and Jorge Millstein have recorded electromagnetic signals and radiation originating from beneath mountains in Nevado de Cachi, Argentina.

They conclude the radioactive signals are not natural and originate from machinery operated by intelligent beings.

Omar said that the oscillations "indicate that kilometres beneath the surface there is activity, alternating electrical waves, which means a power source."

Could this be proof that the inner Earth is inhabited by mysterious beings?

Some proponents of the hollow Earth theory believe Hitler and other high ranking Nazis made their way to the South Pole at the end of the Second World War and disappeared through an opening into the Earth. Some of Hitler's top advisers believed the Earth was hollow and the Führer was rumoured to have ordered expeditions to the mines and caverns of Europe in search of an entrance to a subterranean world.

The hollow Earth is seen by some Ufologists as the source for space craft. They believe UFOs are using the inner Earth as an airport.

In 1977 The International Society for a Complete Earth (ISCE) was founded by Captain Ritter von X - a member of the German navy.

Captain Ritter said the ISCE's goal was to enter one of the polar openings and make contact with the "tall, blond, blue-eyed super race" called the Arianni which rules the inner world.

The Arianni spoke a language similar to German and lived in cities of shimmering crystal, according to Captain Ritter.

They patrol the skies of the surface world in saucers called "flugelrods" - meaning winged wheels - keeping a watchfuleye on the human race.

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Life deep underground
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:lol: well thats disturbing have someone from under ground whatching you...