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Dibbuk Box (2011)
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Dibbuk Box is an upcoming (Halloween 2011) horror film directed by Ole Bornedal and produced by Sam Raimi which tells the story of a family who acquire a box containing evil spirits and their quest to destroy it...

As you probably know, a Dibbuk is a spirit from Jewish folklore, portrayed in this movie as "a detached, wandering soul that was refused admittance to the afterlife and now wanders the earthly plain causing all sorts of mischief." Sam Raimi's involvement certainly lends this movie weight, and by all accounts, it is a well-written and spooky story, possibly based on real events.
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Re: Dibbuk Box (2011)
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Very interesting real life reference to the said box at David Ickes forum, but unfortunately the word automatic fix thingie recognizes his name as a part of the body so i cant link it! LOL!  *<:)

so, im just gonna link it to the FB page instead....
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