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The Seven Gateways to Hell: Stull Cemetery
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Stull Cemetery, Kansas, is another of the reputed Seven Gates of Hell (I'm sure there are much more than seven places known as such, though; maybe that's the mystery - you have to determine which of them are the actual gates and which are decoys? In fact, even Stull could be a decoy, as there are four or five cemeteries in the area, all fairly close, and there are some who believe it is one of the less-famous, less-visited ones that is the real location of the gate...)

So, what's the deal? Well, Stull Cemetery, sitting atop Emmanuel Hill about ten miles west of Lawrence, Kansas, has been the focus of much local legend over the years (but particularly in the last 40 or so) including:
  • The devil returns to Stull Cemetery - only on the Spring Equinox and/or Halloween - because one of his wives/his infant son is buried there.
  • In a 1990s trip to Colorado, the Pope redirected the flight path of his private plane to avoid flying over the unholy ground of Stull.
  • Reports of abundant paranormal phenomena from residents in the town: raps and banging; voices-often reported to be the voice of an old woman; weird clocks and indoor windstorms; ghostly children playing at night in the cemetery; time shifts and discrepancies, inexplicable loss of memory and disorientation.
  • Stull was the reason The Cure refused to play in Kansas.
  • Before the church was demolished, it was said that bottles thrown at the walls would not break. A permutation held that if the bottle didn't break you were going to hell; if it broke, heaven (some said vice versa).

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