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The best sword type against zombies.

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Chainsaw boomstick combo. Long Live Bruce!! But on a more serious note, quallity is way more important than style. Dont buy anything that says 440 stainless on it, and even though some of the best swords out there are made in Japan, if "made in Japan" is stamped on the blade.... stay away from it or else one whack and your holding a handle with no blade.

Chainsaw crossbow? wth? There is such thing? Wow!!! I want one  :lol:

  Personally I would stay away from sword like weapons when dealing with such an adversary for a variety of reason, two of the most prominent being that

  A.) The closer you are the more likely you are to become infected yourself, not a happy thought


  B.) With such a weapon you have to cut through the skull and go deep enough to do significant damage to the brain.  Every time you do so you risk getting you weapon wedged, and in a situation like this you want to have continual movement and freedom to act.

  Saying this there is one such weapon that I would consider  IF  I had to choose.  The Naginata.  Not only does it have the advantage of range, but if the blade becomes "Caught" you can separate the haft from the blade and still have a pole like weapon.  Long live the Naginata!

Good choice, but would the brain have to be damaged or just removed? A neck is allot easier to cut through than a skull.

Night Energy:
The swords doesn't  require ammo, this is the reason why is a good choice even if it gets wedged.


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