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Caspian Sea
« on: June 03, 2003, 01:21:15 PM »
By Emin Allahverdiyev
It did not look like a plane or other type of vehicle. It appeared right in the center of the city. According to witnesses, the flying object was “hanging” in the sky for over two hours, it was white and stretched.
Never before had alien flying objects appear at such an early time and never before were they observed with by so many people.

This appearance of the UFO had a great impact on the city and rumors began to spread all over. Some of these rumors say that it was not a UFO, but something else… but what exactly, nobody could tell.

The head of the space seismology sector and member-correspondent of International energy-informational academy for the UN, Fuad Gasimov, commented on this recently in a local newspaper. Mr. Gasimov confirmed the fact, that the flying object that appeared in the sky on May 19 was truly an apparatus from another planet. “This fact is not surprising. For a long period of time, all facts about UFO’s were being denied,” he said. “As usual, they were denied at the authoritative level, by famous scientists, who, by the way, were not scientists in fields relating ufology.”

According to Mr. Gasimov, all data concerning UFO’s were kept secret by the country, over which they appeared. In spite of that, it’s hard to conceal the obvious. By 1969 American scientists had published the “Blue book”, in which they maintain that the civilization on earth is not the only civilization. Many facts, proving the existence of alien civilizations were espoused in the book. During Soviet times, there existed a special organization for UFO research under the direction of the famous cosmonaut Popovich. A lot of rumors spread about the activity of that organization. The results of the research, as well as facts about UFOs, were labeled “top secret” – this disappointed the cosmonaut. As the result, Popovich refused to cooperate further with the organization.

“Today it’s not a secret that the USA and other countries have special hangars, where they keep downed UFOs. Americans using modern technology, now have unique knowledge and are keeping it secret,” Mr. Gasimov says. UFO specialists suggest that Azerbaijan create special hangars and begin research on our own.

“Currently, it is known that there are three alien bases on Azerbaijan territory,” Mr. Gasimov continues. It is also known that in 1999 a UFO fell in the Caspian Sea. At that time, Iran, Russia and the U.S. were arguing over who would get the remains of the object for research purposes. In the end, the alien ship was transferred to Russia.

“This happened because Azerbaijan didn’t have the resources to hide the ship,” he said. Hangars in the U.S. today are housing up to 120 UFOs. Leading the research efforts are the famous scientists, Edward Teller (the creator of the hydrogen bomb for the U.S.) and Bob Laser (engineering specialist). A group of ufologists are working along side them in the secret hangar-cities.

Question is, what do the UFOs look like and from what are they made? Fuad Gasimov responded that the shapes and sizes vary from tiny to 300 km in length. Usually such giant ships are called “mother ships”, inside of which you can find a number of smaller multi-functional flying devices. The material is kept secret. It’s impossible for an ordinary man to get into the alien bases, because of the powerful gravitational fields surrounding them. A UFO, based of the bottom of the Caspian Sea, is “charging” from its tectonic structure. UFOs have the ability to teleport- to disappear in the moment of need.

“That’s why the residents of Baku thought that after hanging in the air for the two hours, the UFO went back into space,” Mr. Gasimov said. “In reality, due to their hyper-speed capabilities, teleportation took place.” The aliens can attain speeds exceeding that of the speed of light and can cover distances of hundreds of light years in a few days. After Fuad Gasimov reported that bodies of aliens were found in the ship, the obvious next question was – what do they look like?

Gasimov said that a few species were found. For example, some aliens were short, with extended vast eyes, and were dressed in silver-colored suits. Other types of aliens were also discovered. They resemble Anglo-Saxons- tall, with light eyes and hair.

Also Gasimov said that worldwide, up to 1 million people are kidnapped annually. In Azerbaijan alone, the number of people kidnapped is 184. Their names and the places from which they were kidnapped are known. Why are they kidnapping earthlings? Mr. Gasimov thinks that they are researching …it is only known that all of the people kidnapped are younger than 35.