Author Topic: Please Read If you know Alot about Witches,Demons and Satanic birthmarks  (Read 534 times)

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hi  I read a witchcraft book so very long ago like 6 years ago or more and i still remember this day about the book i read , which was in spanish. It told me about a demonic mark that had to be specifically on the Left eye white area of the eye in order to be that certain demon.. i'm not sure i can't remember exactly but i want to know more about this too because i have a Perfect birthmark on my left eye since birth and my dad said when i was little i did alot witchcraft like things


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Re: Please Read If you know Alot about Witches,Demons and Satanic birthmarks
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2012, 11:53:23 AM »
A Spanish book on witchcraft?

I wouldn't put much stock in one of those, especially if it's based off older information, the Spanish inquisition was inspired by the church and any "odd" marks were construed as "witch's marks" and justified the burning, torture and hanging of many perceived witches. More than likely it's just an anomaly in your eye and not really that uncommon, unlike two different colored eyes.

what exactly do you mean by "witchcraft like things"?

The Latin culture has an entirely different attitude towards witchcraft and demonology than the more modern, western worlds like America, not all witchcraft is demonic and demonic environments are rather volatile, I'd pay more attention to certain behaviors and energies around you to decide if anything serious is happening, the human body has a wide variety of physical differences that have very tangible reasons for being and don't necessarily mark anyone as a witch.
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