Author Topic: Collective sighting in Russia  (Read 1510 times)

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Collective sighting in Russia
« on: June 26, 2003, 11:04:45 PM »
On the night of June 20, citizens of the Russian cities of Yekaterinburg and Pervouralsk observed an unidentified flying object high in the skies. Witnesses describe the phenomenon as something resembling a bright beautiful comet.

The strange object was moving underneath clouds. The UFO brightly lit the night sky and disappeared. However, many of the witnesses managed to take pictures of the phenomenon and filmed it.

For the time being, neither local astronomers nor emergency situation services have commented upon the phenomenon. It is not clear what effect the flying object exerted upon the witnesses. According to, the Air Defense hasn't issued any comments upon the event yet.

In fact, the observation of the phenomenon was rather unique, as the object was filmed by several cameramen from all the sides.
A green UFO has been observed in the skies over Yekaterinburg for about two years. People from the Turinsky district (Yekaterinburg region) have an opportunity to observe a green spherical luminous object flying in the sky every evening.

An eye-witness, journalist from the local newspaper Izvestia Tur Raisa Tomilova says that the local UFO is a small green object of a bulb size. The object can be seen only at night in any season. The locals have already got used to the phenomenon over the past two years.
The green object moves along the same trajectory: it emerges in the sky right above the local match-making factory, then it slowly moves along the Tura River towards the pulp and paper plant, turns toward a railway bridge and withdraws to the city of Tavda.

It is interesting that eye-witnesses feel nervous and anxious each time the green object emerges in the sky; local fishermen observe the phenomenon oftener than other people and say the object intensifies their thirst for alcoholic drinks.

Specialists cannot so far explain why the green object appears in the city of Turinsk. The locals are inclined to think the object is piloted by aliens who watch the life on the Earth from space.