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Taiwan Sighting
« on: July 07, 2003, 03:58:59 PM »
Taipei, July 7 (CNA) A white, oval unidentified flying object described as being the size of a basketball was sighted and videotaped by a Chiayi woman in southern Taiwan Sunday, and a "UFO specialist" did not rule out the idea that it could have been an object from outer space.

    The woman, surnamed Wang, reported that her child was playing in the yard of her home Sunday evening when she saw the object moving in a bamboo copse in front of the house. Alerted by the child's shout, Wang saw the object moving noiselessly and immediately videotaped the scene.

    The woman reported that the object was tinged with green around the edges. It moved up and down, right and left for nearly 20 minutes before flying rapidly southwards and out of sight.

    The woman said that there were no local activities going on at the time, so that she was convinced that the phenomenon could not have been the result of firecrackers or light projection. She asked Lu Ying-chung, a professor at Nanhua University and the founder of the Taiwan UFO Association for an explanation.

    Lu examined the videotape and refused to rule out the possibility that the object could have come from outer space, saying that no flying vehicle on earth could move so quietly and in such a fashion.

    It was the third reported UFO sighting over the past week in Taiwan, Lu said, claiming that the tape "could not be a hoax."