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UK sighting
« on: July 16, 2003, 12:26:37 PM »
SPACE travellers could be making Cambuslang one of their top tourist attractions as sightings of UFOs in the area increase.

The latest incident occurred on the morning of Sunday, June 29, close to Cambuslang Rugby Club.

A mysterious flying object was seen to hover and reflect light for more than a minute before lifting off into the sky towards the Castlemilk and Glasgow area.

The sighting comes only two months after The Reformer reported that the Glasgow UFO Research Organisation (GUFORO) were still investigating reports from three people of a similar object seen in the area last summer.

The recent sighting was made by a medical professional in his 30s, who lives Cathkin.

He is now calling for anyone else who may have seen anything to report what they saw.

He said: "I was looking from the back of the Cathkin High School's ash park area towards Glasgow at around 10.15am when something caught my eye.

"At the area near to the Cambuslang Rugby Club, I saw what at first I thought was a plastic bag floating about on fire. But as I looked more closely it started hovering and resembled a large and uneven stone or rock that was reflecting light.

"It then moved towards the Springhall direction, before ascending towards Castlemilk and then disappearing. All in all, it must have lasted for around a minute.

"At first, I had to ask myself if I was really seeing this thing, which was a good few metres in diameter, but I believe I definitely saw something tangible. I wonder if anyone else saw anything because it was a beautiful clear day."

Thomas Best of GUFORO said: "We have no idea about what this could have been.

"It is a similar description to the ones we had from two elderly ladies and a young lady in June last year who reported seeing a large burning object.

"We have asked astronomers about this and they were unable to explain it and we checked with the air traffic and their were no aerial vehicles in the area at the time.

"There are occasions where people have made hot air balloons which once they get to a certain height they catch fire but we have searched the area and found no trace of any wreckage.

"Now three or four people have seen a similar object in the same area and we would encourage people to give us a call if they see anything.

"A photograph or a hand drawing of the object would be very useful to us.

"I would not say the Cambuslang area is a hotspot, but there have certainly been things seen in the sky.

"People used to be reluctant to report these things, but that is changing now."

Strathclyde Police told The Reformer that they had received no calls related to this sighting on the day in question.