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Florida's Dead Zone article
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A Florida Gulf Coast Dead
Zone Eyewitness Report
By Lori Glenn,
Chair, Sierra Club Calusa Group, Florida USA

An "environmental war zone" is the first thought that entered my head when our boat entered the newest dead zone. It looked like something out of a Stephen King horror movie. A tear ran down my face as I took the first water sample in the once beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Zero percent oxygen, dead fish and horseshoe crabs floating, everything on the sea floor DEAD, not a living marine animal in sight, in an area the size of Rhode Island, off the Sarasota Coast.
If that is not enough of a nightmare, a toxic algae was recently found in the St. Lucia waterways and is most likely in the Caloosahatchee River.
What have we done to our planet?
This is a question that is repeating continually in my mind.
Why does the Environmental Protection Agency continue to write permits for excess nutrients and carcinogens, despite warnings for over 20 years from Drs. Lapointe and Brand?
Why do we continue to fill in our natural filtration systems, called wetlands, to make room for zero lot line developments?
Why have we killed 90% of our Florida coral reefs?
Why do the scientists from Mote Marine and FWRI continue to say our habitual algal blooms are naturally occurring?
Why does Mote want to pour left over radio active phosphatic clay or deadly ozone in the Gulf to mitigate red tide?
Why does South Florida Water Management refuse to clean up the polluted water before it is released?
Why are we still pouring 100 million gallons of phosphatic waste daily in the Gulf?
Why has the Department of Environmental Protection delisted about 150 rivers from the draft impaired list?
Why is the Bush Administration trying to abolish our environmental laws?
Why, why, why? The only answer I can find, is to protect the polluters. Keep development booming, keep the dirty water flowing, lie to the public, keep the money flowing to support political campaigns and provide funds for our crumbling infrastructure.
The health effects on humans are likely to be just as devastating. Most of us from yesterday's sad trip are still suffering with migraine headaches, one of us has a rash, my face and eyes were swollen this morning. These health effects will most likely be suppressed. Remember, we need to keep our beaches open.
Even our state paid scientist (FWRI) Dr. Cynthia Heil says it is ok to eat the red tide and toxic algae exposed fish. I would have loved to catch one for her yesterday, but they were all dead. What a horrific legacy we are leaving for our children.
I do hope the permit passers, the evil scientists and the polluters have to answer for this horror on judgment day.
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