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Ghost of Rebecca


The Lodge in Cloudcroft was originally constructed in 1899 by the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway as lodging for those who came to the mountains to search for timber for railway ties.
Immediately the resort became a successful mountain retreat, a cool spot in the mountains to get away from the heat in the Tularosa Basin.

Originally The Lodge consisted of 40 tents set up on platforms, an entertainment area, a kitchen, a dining room and a parlor.

On June 13, 1909, a fire destroyed The Lodge and it was rebuilt and reopened on its current site, a more scenic place. It was sold in 1924 to a private owner and then again, in 1936 to Mr. Carr of the Southwest Lumber Company.

Mr. Carr sold The Lodge during World War II. In 1938 America’s railway system began to decline and just 10 years later, in 1947 the railway into Cloudcroft closed.
There have been many reports that The Lodge is haunted. With so many transfers of ownership, being destroyed and rebuilt no actual history has been found except for the stories guests and Lodge employees have given.

Now, when a person thinks about seeing a ghost they think of something in human form and perhaps transparent. The truth, some say, is that ghosts are more often seen as patches of light, passing shadows or even streaks of light.

One of the most common images is that of an orb, a floating, luminescent sphere. Orbs can vary is size and color and often show up in photographic images.
Guests and employees of The Lodge claim that the ghost of a vivacious, red-headed young woman, named Rebecca, resides there.

Not much history is known about exactly what happened to Rebecca. Some think it was her lumberjack boyfriend with a jealous temper, others say she fell to the demise of an Easterner visiting The Lodge. Whatever the case, there have been many reports that a ghost indeed calls The Lodge home.
In June 2002, a psychic-medium, Michelle Whitedove, went on a tour of some of the most haunted hotels in America. The Lodge in Cloudcroft was one of her stops.

Naturally gifted since childhood, Whitedove said she has many God-given talents. Whitedove says her psychic ability enables her to connect with her “guardian angels” to give clear and accurate information about personal issues, world events and the future. She said she has a 98-percent accuracy rate with her predictions.

As a clairvoyant (clear seeing) , Whitedove said she receives visions of people, places, things and of the past, present and future. She said she is clairaudient (clear hearing), listening to messages from the other side, clairsentient (psychic senses of smelling, tasting, and feeling), and as an empath she takes on the sensations of the physical and emotional states of being.

Whitedove said her ability as a medium is astounding and contacting departed loved ones is a rare gift. With one foot in the spirit realm and one on the earth plane, she said she is able to see and converse with spirits that have crossed to the other side.

Whitedove believes spirits communicate telepathically through feelings and pictures. No words exist which can describe the intensity of this communication, she said. This direct connection helps many people put closure to relationships, healing their hearts by knowing our souls are eternal and our loved ones do indeed survive death, said Whitedove.

Channeling information from the universe, Whitedove said she must raise her vibration to interface with the high frequencies of spirits. She said she is able to relay these teachings to improve the quality of our lives and to gain knowledge for personal growth. She is a truly gifted teacher. She reveals through conscious actions specific steps to expand our soul’s growth and fulfill one’s personal destiny.

While she stayed at The Lodge, Whitedove said she was able to shed some light on the mystery of Rebecca. Although Rebecca never manifested herself, Whitedove said a faint energy was often felt and information was channeled through her.

Legend says Rebecca immigrated to the United States from Ireland in the 1930s and got herself a job at a chambermaid at The Lodge. She did make a few friends but had no family and when she disappeared no one knew who to contact. As a result, her death was never investigated beyond not finding a body.
Through the channeled information Whitedove came to learn that Rebecca has favorite spots within The Lodge but she roams all over.

She is a curious, flirtatious and nosey ghost, said Whitedove. She likes to hang around the golf course and play practical jokes on the men who play there, most of the time they don’t know anything is happening.
At the time of her death, Rebecca did not have a strong religious background so when she died she went to an astral level and remained there, being able to float back and forth between earth and there, said Whitedove.
According to legend, Rebecca had a lumberjack boyfriend. He liked to drink and when he did so he became mean and nasty.

He felt that he owned Rebecca but she felt that she was a “free-spirit,” no one owned her. Because of his job the lumberjack would be away from Cloudcroft for weeks, even months at a time. Eventually, Rebecca met someone else and fell in love.

The legend says that when the lumberjack returned to find Rebecca’s heart gone to another he became violently jealous and left. Later he returned, forcing Rebecca to leave with him. She followed him into the deep woods and as they ventured farther into the forest an argument ensued.

Whitedove said she received images of a severe head trauma and although the fall didn’t kill Rebecca it disoriented and stunned her. The legend says this proved to be the mercy point for young Rebecca as then the lumberjack used his ax to dismember her. Information was not received about exactly what he did with her body but what wasn’t buried was eaten by animals, according to the legend.

Even though the people at The Lodge suspected that he killed her they found no physical body, therefore never pressed charges.

The Ghost of Rebecca was confused at the time of her death, about where she was supposed to go, so she remained at The Lodge. Since she had no family and not many knew her, the matter was not pursued.
Whitedove also states that there is certainly strong supernatural energy coming from The Lodge in Cloudcroft.

Editor’s note: Whitedove wrote a book about her visits called “Ghost Stalker.” Also included in the book is a story from an employee of The Lodge, Ed Thomas, who tells the tale of an encounter of a different sort at The Lodge. His account will be the subject of the second part of this series on The Lodge at Cloudcroft.


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