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Alien sightings
« on: May 15, 2006, 03:04:06 PM »
I need interviews with anyone with any alien stories please reply if you have something to share THanks!!! 1)   What is your name and age?
2)   Do you believe in aliens why or why not?
3)   How old were you when you had your fist alien experience?
4)   Do you think that aliens live among us?
5)   Give your most detailed description of an Alien?
6)   Why do you think aliens visit earth?
7)    In your opinion what is the most accurate and inaccurate  portrayal of alien life in a film ?
8)    Do you believe that there are different types of aliens, explain?
9)   Do you believe that any of these alien forms could be here to hurt us?
10)Is there an alien form that looks like us, if so what are some things to look for in order to identify them?
11)What is the biggest alien myth?
12) Do you think people are abducted and never returned?
13) Why do you think aliens abduct humans?
14) How would you feel about an alien horror film?
15) When was your last alien experience?
16) Were you ever a non-believer, what or who changed your mind?
17) What is something you would want to let non-believers know about your beliefs?
18) Do you think the government has any information about aliens that they are not sharing with us?
19) What information do you know about humanoids?
20) What tests do you think aliens do on humans and humans?
21) How can you tell the difference between  a real or fake abduction story?
22) Do you think or technology is influenced by alien intelligence?
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