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Bloody Angel:
If you entered “The Animal Within” area, you are more than likely familiar with the terms “Therianthropy” and “Otherkin”.
If this is the first time you happen to read about them, very briefly, the first shows the transformation of a person into an animal form, either whole or partial, while the second defines people who believe they identify themselves as being something other than human. 
The most famous among Therians are the werewolves, who have a special section dedicated to them, though open to the rest of the shapeshifters.
Nowadays, the term doesn’t only describe a physical metamorphosis but also an inner one, as for spiritual, or psychological identification with a specific animal. Those preferring the spiritual understanding are led to believe that they host the spirit, or soul, of an animal.
This belief, sometimes referred to as ''spiritual therianthropy", overlaps with some characteristics of shamanism and totemism. Others simply think it consists of a stable, non-human animal aspects to their human personality.
Otherkin have a different backgrounds and beliefs within the same ever-growing community.
Some otherkin, even if a small, often criticized share, even believe to be biologically non human, or physically related to the species they feel associated with or descended from them.

My welcome line is "the beast  is rising”, whatever the flavour, Therians or Otherkin, or the species, the kind of animals you turn into or have an identification with.

Time has come for us to get acquainted to your beast.
Time to give your beast the proper place, as well as the room, to shift.

Bloody Angel: I can't quite make out if you believe you are a host of some animal, or if you are not, but I'm guessing you are encouraging people to express their beliefs or methods regarding themselves, am I correct? If that's the case then I'll give it a go.

I'm not sure if I'm fiering my shots in another direction than Bloody Angel intended, as I'm not sure of the ammount of immagination or spiritualism that originally was intended to be discussed here.

In my concept of reality, in order to make any reasonable sense out of this, I'll point to additional animalistic attributes, counciously integrated to the human psyche. I.e: mental attitudes influenced by ones perception of specific behaviours in the world of... other animals than humans.
A person I look up to, Niccoló Machiavelli, touched this matter (sort of), in his book "the prince", 1513 (a book on leadership).
That'll be the viewpoint of my perspective here.

Don't worry if you haven't read this book, I can sum it all up in one short sentence of two easy things to concider:
Trust ONLY yourself and do what YOU feel is neccesairy in every situation.
(Even shorter: ONLY YOU) And that's about it.

Back to the animal issue.

I believe he said something like: "There are to ways to battle. In the first way, it is by legal means, in the second, it is by force. The first method is signifying human behaviour, the second is animalistic."

Combining common sense with Machiavelli's words, I'd suggest that one should "shapeshift" from acting like a human, into acting like an animal back and forth, depending on the situation.
But let's twist this from "shapeshifting" between human and animal, into "shapeshifting" between two animals.
Let's concider both ways of acting, to be animalistic, but yet different from eachother. Simply; Two Different Ways Of Acting.

My conclusion, in relation to the topic in matter, would be to pick up some preferred aspects from whatever species you might concider neccesairy.
In this case, Two. (One could feel free to have as many as he'd like.)
Anyway, the most usefullfull combination (with Machiavelli in mind) would be to carefully pick two animals that, together, completes oneanother.
So, I've chosen the behaviours of the Lion and the behaviors of the Fox as mental guidelines.

The Fox.
The fox would generally be the best rolemodel for he who seeks to achieve his goals.
That is because the fox uses his clever thinking to drive his will by crossing truth and lies in a way that will benefit his cause the most.
Even so, you can't always depend only on being clever.

The Lion.
When cleverness just isn't enough, it is time to imply the mothods of the Lion.
The lion acts by strength and force to scare or destroy his foes according to the needs of the situation.
This kind of force surely isn't suitable for situations that demands strategical thinking.

This was accomplished with Machiavelli in mind. Then, to be a successfull leader, one must be capable to switch his behavior between acting like a fox, or like a lion in order handle all situations that may occur.
As such, politics and wars are two sides of the same coin.


Okay, I'm sorry, my bad. it was on top of the list with no replys so I assumed it was some new post.

Im a tiger, since i knew what one is i have beleived.

im part wolf and pretty proud. im thinking about wearing a tail just for the heck of it. :)


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