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Kecksburg, Pa.,
« on: October 27, 2003, 03:06:50 PM »
Something happened in the skies above and the woods beyond Kecksburg, Pa., on Dec. 9, 1965, and the Sci-Fi Channel wants to know what the government knows about what it was.

The cable television vender and broadcaster of documentaries that explore the nebulous boundary between science fact and science fiction is ready to intensify its effort to induce government agencies to declassify and release information they have on this and other UFO cases.

According to Reuters news service, Sci-Fis attorneys are expected to file a suit soon demanding that NASA fess up to what it knows, and similar actions may be taken against the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army and Air Force.

Portions of the incident in 1965 were witnessed by people in several states, who saw a fireball flash across the sky late in the afternoon of Dec. 9. The object crashed into a heavily wooded area near Kecksburg, a small town 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Local firefighters and rescue workers organized to search the woods, but the area was quickly quarantined by the military.

A crane was brought in, and late that night, a truck hauling a flatbed trailer hauled away something large, covered by a tarpaulin.

The military said it was a meteor, and the Associated Press duly reported that the next day.

But some observers who saw the object in the sky said it changed directions, and locals who saw it on the ground, before the troops shooed them away, say it was metallic, acorn-shaped and adorned with markings that resembled hieroglyphics.

Sci-Fis interest in what it calls the new Roswell a reference to another mysterious object that crashed in New Mexico in 1947 is likely motivated by the spirit of inquiry, the desire to illuminate the unknown and the quest for better ratings.

My motivations for wanting to know more about the matter are a long-term goofball interest in ufology, my sons twisted sense of humor and the eighth inning collapse of the Cubs in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series.

Jim and I have made road trips to the two American UFO meccas, Roswell and the Nevada desert near the secret base commonly known as Area 51.

Both places were a hoot, but those trips pretty much exhausted the UFO destinations. Weve been thinking we may have to go Bigfoot goofing on our next trip.

The need to find another father-son bonding site increased on Oct. 14, when Jim, a White Sox devotee, called those Cub fans he had on his cell phone speed dial and asked them if they were enjoying the eighth inning as much as he was.

Now hes a persona non grata at all the usual venues for family gatherings, so any time we spend together will have to be on the road.

Three odd coincidences make me sure Kecksburg is the road-trip target for us.

First, I spent a lot of time just a few miles from there when I was a kid. My parents were from nearby Scottdale.

Second, the top researcher into the Kecksburg incident is a guy named Stan Gordon, who may well be a shirt-tail cousin of ours.

Third, in September 2002, Bigfoot was spotted in Derry Township, midway between Kecksburg and Scottdale, by a teen-age boy and his mom.

You can keep Disneyland.

Pennsylvania, here we come.