Author Topic: Hornsby, Sydney Australia Sighting Of Vertical Discs  (Read 1856 times)


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Hornsby, Sydney Australia Sighting Of Vertical Discs
« on: September 01, 2006, 03:18:02 PM »

Date: June/July 1994 Time: Late afternoon

Number of witnesses: 0 Number of objects: 1-2 Shape of objects: Vertical discs.

Full Description of event/sighting: It was winter, so the sun was setting quickly. That afternoon the sky was hues of bright pink. The object (UFO) was silver I think but when I looked through binoculars it seemed to glow the same colour as the sunset or at least mirror the colours, being that the craft was reflective. The strangest thing was the size & shape. It was 2 discs on their side, joined by one short cross-bar, making it appear like wheels on a car.

Small lights were dotted around the rims of the discs. The size, in relation to the valley (which spanned about 1.5km across) was surprisingly small, probably no bigger than a light airplane. The discs were perfectly smooth & seamless except for what looked like inscriptions near the rims. No life forms were visible. After doing some research, the marks looked something between simple hieroglyphs and cuneiform, very stylized like triangles, dots and lines.

Ok, firstly I had the impression that it was the actual craft which was intelligent. The reason I say this was, I first spotted it from inside my house and it was just sort of hanging above the horizon, sunlight glinting off which caught my eye. I ran outside to make sure I wasn't seeing things and sure enough there it was, off in the distance. I ran back and got Dad's binoculars for a closer look. It was like it sensed me watching it then, it moved absolutely dead silently and slowly from left & then to the right of the valley and slightly up and down. I was scared out of my skin! Then it casually & purposely started to move away into the distance. I watched it until it disappeared. I felt like it didn't want me to watch it. We were living in a flight path & I had never seen a silent plane or one which moved like that.

This was near Hornsby, Sydney, Australia. I distinctly remember there being other UFO sightings reported on the news that night, but in Adelaide, South Australia. I would really like any feedback as to anyone else seeing anything like it either in my area or elsewhere, especially would appreciate help with the identity of the craft as I can't seem to find any similar sightings.

Thank you to the witness for the report. Also if anyone has seen a craft like reported here, please let me know and I will forward the information to the witness.

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