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Straight from the horses mouth
« on: September 07, 2006, 11:18:56 AM »
 Every year on July. 27 at approximately 12:00 AM (They) come looking for me. Reports go back to 1994 when I was just a child. I was abducted at age 7 onward. I always thought that it would be my first and last. I started cluing in ever since I found strange little markings on my face (6 of them).

There is this 'colorful Mothership' that Hovers over my house every year. It's the same dreaded story over and over again for me. I got to see it up close in my living room window one time. It makes me sick to the pit of my stomach so I've never felt like rubbing it on this site. I don't intend to

I moved in with my friends in June, just downtown, so luckily, I was away from home this time around. They came racing down the mountain-side with there search beam out looking for me. I was drunk at a party (foolish me)....I came home stumbling out of town in the pitch black. This was around 3:00 in the morning, so they missed me by a hair. I had to go to work in the morning and get my tools back home. My intuition is strong and always keep my eyes on the stars. I didn't realize just how important this day was till a week later...when I was browsing threw the HBCCUFO site.

You can read the sighting here:

This particular craft was spotted by others all over B.C. The older reports are all in the archive…It would take me all day to find them.

An abductee like me, just doesn’t no how to feel any better knowing if its truly, Human in origin or not!......I have been threw hell and I see it in my dreams. I care not...just make it stop is what I say to myself.

I demand (at least) 1 answer to these 4 Questions:

What’s so special about me???

Who the fuks doing what to me???

What the fuk are they doing to me???

and what the fuk are they still stopping by for???

If its military then I’ll probably wake up one day not knowing who I am anymore. I'll be a human experiment or a Born Killer in the making.........or maybe both?

If it's Alien then ya, I'm a flippin "hybrid" and will never no till I start moving objects with my mind!

I'm a tired young man now...I don't care for Ufology and just try to move on the best I can.

P.S. Those hybrid/children articles crack me up...
Like in the days of Noah....It shall come to pass, on a Fiery-day...