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Chester the Ghost


The East Texas News said the story behind "Chester the Ghost" on the Stephen F. Austin State University campus would soon be revealed. What comes next, may be hard to believe. Sarah Sweny is one SFA student who claims she has had an experience with "Chester the Ghost." She said it was late at night and she was in the auditorium completing some last minute work.

She said, "It was not like foundation or pipes settling it was like a thunk, thunk, thunk, like someone was walking on stage, so I yelled out 'Anybody in the theatre,' no answer."

Anyone who has stepped foot in SFA's fine arts building has heard the stories behind "Chester the Ghost," but are they true?

Retired SFA Professor HK Waters, said, "The stories have been going on for so many years that Chester is pretty real in a lot of minds."

Sweny said, "I did not know what to think, I still do not know what to think. I do not know, maybe he is real maybe he is not."

Waters said, "I have had some experiences, but whether they were Chester or not, I do not know... I do not believe, I do not disbelieve, I do not know."

The now retired professor says the occurrences have dated back to 1967, and most of them have happened either in the auditorium, downstairs in the prop room, and on stage.

Waters said, "We had twelve ghosts on stage for a scene, only that night we had 13. Our technical director rushed back there to see who was playing jokes, nobody was playing jokes, he counted them as they came off...12."

Sweny said another experience happened to her. "A friend of mine looked over my shoulder and went white as a ghost, I was like 'Dude what is wrong' and he said 'I saw a reflection that was not you.'"

Waters said, "There would be times students would be studying in the auditorium and they would see a figure floating toward them."

Professor Waters finally took the stories to the head of the psychology department who studied this type of experience, and what they found was hard to believe.

Waters said, "He told me 'you want me to tell you this isn't true' and I said 'yes' and he said 'I can't, this is the real thing -- you have a ghost.'"

"There were some ghost chasers who came through here. They set up their paraphernalia, infra red cameras, this, that, and the other, and the report was they did find two ghosts, now that was the report," Waters said.

Sweny said, "To this day, I will still swear I heard footsteps when I was checking mics."

So, what do you think? Does "Chester the Ghost" really exist? You have heard the evidence, so we will let you decide. This is one urban legend that may never be truly revealed.

You may wonder how Chester got its name. Professor Waters said he gave it the name Chester, because it was more comfortable talking about "Chester" than about a "ghost." The name just stuck.


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