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were party!!!

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(okay so i'll start this)

*Brings out a case of beer to start with and stake's on the table*... come and get it guys!!  :-D

haha, seeing how things have been oh so serious all the time this brought a smile to my face  ^^ Aah Vince you sure are something else =)

Now gimme some of that meat or else. And i don't care what you guys think... But cow??meat and pork is yummy! :P

And i hope thats dark ale Vince, because dark ale and pork is what really drives me nuts o_O
Red wine does the trick with the bull/cow meat though. Mmm ^-^

Anyways. *chews and swallows* ;D
Now wheres the RL party? =( :P

well, we're waiting for the others to come....

and yah, it is dark ale...unless you want beer...or ginger ale...


how's the steak?

*gets a piece and bites a part off it*

*takes a look around and gets excitedly hyper*

       ale AND meat?!
i think this is just what the doctor ordered!

*grabs a steak and takes a bite*

i really prefer steak over anything, except veal, thats kinda yummy.
soooo delicious!  :-D

*brings out some vodka and some shot glasses*

ok so i think we should have a contest to see who can handle the most.
kudos to the host who made this partay happen.
lets get farked up.

*takes a shot and feels the nice little burn go down the throat*

whos game?  somehow i feel im gonna be wasted by the time the others

haha wow, well i cant handle much to be honest. But i can eat alot.

*munches down 3x300g steaks.* aarrh haha! :D


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