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Side effects on eating habbits.

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  I though this said, side effects on eating hobbits.

Alright, look... I thought you'd might take a glance over the Rules and stuff... and maybe pay attention to things that have been said to other members... so I let you be.
PLEASE pay attention to the Dates in the topics. You should be getting a warning before you make a post, too... so pay attention to *that* as well.

Here is a link for you, that I strongly advise you read:

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I used to be a vegetarian for two years until I discovered the side effects. One afternoon I was sitting in my living room starting to lean towards the sunlight.

It's just a joke, I've never been a vegetarian. However I did hire a vegetarian moving company once. They were too weak to lift anything. :D

i know this is an old post BUT i havent seen replies that satisfied me.

your strange eating habits can be a sign of "the change" we all go through it. it's when you change from "human" to either a werekin or werefolk. a werekin is when you have were DNA but can't transform and werefolk is when you have were DNA but can transform.

when i was going through "the change" i was eating weird stuff like bacon and yogurt mixed. spagetti and chedder cheese mixed. i started wanting more rare steaks andi was snacking constantly!


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