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Kreepy, pigs are the best, mine just turned 3 in December. I know it's odd but I think Chihuahuas are weird. Carpet sharks (Wobbegongs) are strange.

I am really really trying not to be negative. I am trying to respect all other creatures............ But where exactly is the head on the Matamata Turtle?  What is that thing sticking out of the front/back  of the turtle. Too many fish cocktails?

I'm pretty sure that the "thing sticking out of the front" is its head...even if it does look quite strange...


Before or after it was run over?   :-(

You know what? kinda reminds me of a snail... when you touch the snail it retracts its head a bit and just looks well, odd... especially the really huge ones...

Instead of posting again... I just found this thing:

It's called a Geoduck O_o For the whole Article


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