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UFO go East
« on: December 24, 2004, 03:13:02 AM »
It's been a busy December for skywatchers in the Eastern Hemisphere, as citizens of Indonesia, China and Australia have all reported seeing unidentified flying objects.

In Indonesia, witnesses told a radio station they saw an object flying across the sky near Jakarta yesterday morning.

Dozens of witnesses claim they heard loud explosions after seeing the object leave a tail of fire.

"It's suspected that a fireball originating from a big meteor entered the Earth's atmosphere. ... This created the explosion," Thomas Djamaluddin, an official with the Indonesian space center, LAPAN, told the Antara news agency.

Published reports say Indonesia has been on high alert for fear of attacks by Islamic terrorists during the holiday period.

On Saturday, Dec. 12, hundreds of people in northwest China's Gansu province witnessed "a strange shining object" sweeping through the sky at 11:36 p.m. local time.

The Gansu daily says it was followed by "earthshaking sounds like bombing." Residents also reported an ensuing tremble felt within 100 kilometers of Lanzhou, the capital of the province.

One man who was driving at the time said he saw "a shining ball with a three-meter-long trail flying from west to east," and that he heard two thunder-like sounds immediately afterward.

More than 700 reports were filed with authorities on the case, with some residents reporting an earthquake, and others claiming a meteor event.

Police, working on the theory it was a meteorite, have been investigating the matter, but haven't found any evidence of what caused the phenomenon.

As WorldNetDaily reported two weeks ago, Australians were baffled by mysterious, multi-colored lights which appeared to hover in the sky.

Laboratory technician Julie Lynn, a self-described skeptic of unidentified flying objects, said, "It hovered in the one place for at least two hours but had moved significantly when we checked on it again before we went to bed. I can't believe there are UFOs or little green men out there there must be an obvious explanation. And we weren't drinking so it wasn't something we imagined."
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