Author Topic: If you had the money what preparations would you take against zombies?  (Read 1237 times)


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If you had a lot of money that you had gotten form winning the lottery let's say about 100 million after taxes.
What would be your high priority expenditures? Assuming that you won money yesterday and have it all today right now. As the world is in right now what would be your high priority expenditures for zombie plans?

The very first thing and make a list 1 to 10 and anything extra

1. weapons
2. Shelter in isolated area
3. food and water for area
4. move guns, food, and water to area
5. form group to go there
6. I would purchase a helicopter
7. I would set up a lot of entertainment
8. A very customized katana
9. a secondary shelter with these provisions
10. I would buy tools for training to use my body and these provisions well.

i'm a little tired so forgive me for being real vague and unspecific. i'll clarify later if anyone cares.
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