Author Topic: Zombie apocalypse where would you prefer to be?  (Read 5527 times)


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Re: Zombie apocalypse where would you prefer to be?
« Reply #45 on: September 28, 2010, 06:31:07 PM »
I'm gonna hide under matt's bed, either that or one of those uninhabited islands in the pacific

You will not enjoy that experience.

Why is my group seem to be the one everyone wants to be in/ mooch off of? Everyone wants my weapons, my food, and now my bed.

I'm going to say MRE's are delicious, they are even better when you are starving and they are the only food you have. They can easily be divided into two meals. You then train your body to eat one meal or less every other day or longer. Your food will last you a long time and your metabolism will convert food into energy slower. That means your food goes longer and you survive better.

The MRE's also have gun powder based heating elements (at least the ones I have used do) they come with water resistant matches (not water proof until I get them to work under water, which has not happened)
The coffee creamer is also flammable and can be explosive as well. The bags in it are air tight and can be used to store water or other things.

That is why I choose MRE's as my survival food, easy to get, $8 for two meals (one bag can be split into two meals) they have an insane shelf life. Multiple uses and that is only a few I have mentioned.

One more thing is that I have heard the kool aid or fruit punch in them also makes excellent Windex.  (one last note avoid the gum in those, it supposedly works as an laxative)

Now then my group is open to many members but if you don't follow the general opinion of the group, you will be sent out of it instantly. Possibly even killed if you are being dangerous.

Going against the general opinion of the group means doing things the group does not agree on because most of the group feels it will get them killed. Not dying is number one priority of the group, the second is survival. There is a difference.
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