Author Topic: Why do people believe that all demons are evil?  (Read 7713 times)


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Re: Why do people believe that all demons are evil?
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  Post count counts for squat when it comes to credibility.  The proving of ones facts and being completely familiar with the facts of a discussion on the other hand hold great sway in the way of credibility.  We do encourage open involvement and even opposing views in discussions, but you should keep one thing in mind when you speak here.  We all play for keeps.  This is Monstrous Hunter, not the happy fuzzy joy luck community.  We help people here to be sure, but it is often through   the tough love variety.  You'll rarely if ever find the shoulder to cry on type here.  Not trying to be crass, not really, but it is the truth. 

I strongly suggest you take Muerte's words, learn them, love them, and live them. He's one of the strongest willed people here, and not a cry-on-my-shoulder-if-you-need-to type at all, and he's taking the time to give you good advice while some - like me - would simply berate and verbally assault you until you comply or leave.

He's doing you a favor kid. Man up, or go home.


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Re: Why do people believe that all demons are evil?
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Ok i understand some of what Ive said was said before and like you said in some cases more than once. Guess ill get flammed for being the new guy lol. Not sure what you meant by the "Good luck with that" comment..

Thought open discussion is encouraged on forums. So if I disagree with what someone posted I should be able to comment about it in a civil way right? Cause if not it becomes a (insert name here) knows more about the subject because they post more, and credibility goes out the window.

Again not being argumentative at all. I have spent years of my life in study and practical application I only joined to share thoughts/ideas and maybe help a person or two along the way.

discussion and when disagreeable some support that's not personally derived is encouraged, i often times disagree with some of those that frequent this board...we have cordial rounds that become circular arguments with external support when things get hinky.   the posters who are always here aren't necessarily always right, but we've been here discussing the same things...a very, very, very long time(for some of us.)we know each others stances that won't change and where there's wiggle room.

share what you've studied, what you've read, what you've experienced...the last two pages have been two people insisting their perception of Lucifer is right, offering nothing but their own statements...i used to empathize with the lucifer sort of angels, those who chose to stand up rather than accept i just realize they're spoiled big brothers pushed to the side for the favored prodigal child, we're the temples and they're banned from His glory...i could go on but i'm limited by the pride rule.

however a basic understanding of family dynamics and knowing how that God created His creations can logically show where that story goes; with accepted and established texts for support but lucifer does not come from Jewish text, the bible or even...Mormonism, so where does your Lucifer come from?

that's the problem, not that you think he's something that the bible says he's not,  but that you fail to have any support for the disagreement.

my lucifer was a pretty three foot albino king snake, her eyes glowed red in bright light.
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