Author Topic: the gates of the underworld or hell open?  (Read 7387 times)


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Re: the gates of the underworld or hell open?
« Reply #60 on: August 06, 2010, 08:34:41 AM »
before you try playing with hellgates, maybe you should familiarize yourself with you have any experience in dealing with what may be guarding it?

i don't have any concerns about hell, having been there and done that...i'm done with it.  however once you do open that, inner gateway of yours; they're near impossible to be rid of no matter how hard you want to stop them, you just keep cutting and offering more of yourself every  day until you realize you have no humanity left.

that'd be the most simple gate to reach, and the most

how much of our existance as the human race have we evoked or invoked spiritual entities and allowed them into our world?

really, some questions seem they should be so obvious in their answer, people need to think more and act less when it comes to creatures that in reality no one has any idea what they really are, just that they are what we make them...

is some fancy wrought iron out of a horror movie gate guarded by some huge beast necessary to walk in and say hi, dinner time?

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